Fiddlesticks League Of Legends Patch 10.7 Live

It’s that time again where we dive into League of Legends patch updates. Despite being considerably smaller than most patches, patch 10.7 has shown some pretty hefty changes to move around for some of the tankier champions like Galio and Nasus. With the Fiddlesticks rework coming out this patch, I honestly feel a little bit terrified both of him and the buffs given to Nasus and Galio.

Champion Changes


Akali lol

Akali will have her Shuriken Flip(E) changed from physical damage to magic damage.



Corki patch 10.7Corki’s passive package damage over time will have its duration increased from 1.5 seconds to 2 seconds.



Fiddlesticks lol

We did a deep dive on the Fiddlesticks rework for League of Legends patch 10.7. Check out the full details and more by following this link.



Galio lol

Galio’s ultimate Hero’s Entrance will now grant allies in the ultimate area a magic shield based on Galio’s max health.



Garen League of Legends CroppedGaren’s passive will now have its cooldown increased from seven seconds to eight seconds. Alongside this, Garen will also now have his Decisive Strike (Q) movement speed duration changed from 1.5—3.5 seconds, to 1—3.6 seconds.


Ivern patch 10.7Ivern’s Triggerseed(E) damage will be increased from 60–140 base damage, to 70–170. Alongside this, Ivern’s ultimate Daisy will have its cooldown decreased from 160—120 seconds to 140—120 seconds.


Kaisa lolKai’sa’s Supercharge(E) will have its cooldown decreased from 16—14 seconds, to 16—12 seconds.



Nasus League of Legends CroppedNasus will now have his Wither(W) range increased by 10 range for every 35 stacks he has gained, up to a maximum of 200 bonus range. Alongside this, his Spirit Fire(E) will have its armor shred increased from 15%—35%, to 25%—45%.


Nocturne League of Legends CroppedNocturne’s base health regeneration will be lowered from 8.5 to 7 per every five seconds. His magic resist per level will also be lowered from 1.25 to 0.75.



Riven League of Legends CroppedRiven’s base health regeneration will be increased from 7 to 8.5 health per five seconds.



Talon 0Talon’s Rake(W) initial damage will be changed from 50—110 (40% bAD) to 45–105 (45% bAD). Alongside this, Rake’s return damage will be also changed from 70—130 (60% bAD) to 45—125 (65% bAD).


Wukong Cropped Shot League of LegendsWukong will have his passive’s armour lowered from 5—11 to 5—9 based on his level. His Nimbus Strike(E) will have its damage lowered from 80—240 to 70—210.

Xin Zhao—Buff

Xin Zhao League of Legends CroppedXin Zhao’s passive healing will be increased from 10—68 to 10—112 based on his level.


Rune Changes

Phase Rush—Buff

Phase Rush RunePhase Rush’s will grant extra movement speed to melee champions. Instead of 30%—50%, it’ll grant 40%—60%.



Conditioning Rune League of LegendsConditioning will have its bonus armour and magic resist granted at 12 minutes instead of 10 minutes.


Clearly, it’s not all about the big Fiddlesticks rework with patch 10.7, but he is the main focus. Currently, League of Legends is live with Patch 10.6. You can click here to read the official patch updates for 10.6.

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