League of Legends outlines 2020 plans in Riot Pls video Riot Games champions events

The League of Legends YouTube channel has released a Riot Pls video detailing upcoming and future changes for the game this year. Riot Games may not be able to deliver on every single aspect of its plans, but this is what we can generally expect moving forward with champions and events.


Following the Fiddlesticks recent rework will be the upcoming Volibear rework. These two were picked from a community poll a while back and have been highly anticipated for quite some time. With the Volibear rework coming out soon, now is your last chance to play him before he gets reworked.

For the rest of the year there currently aren’t any major planned reworks for League of Legends, instead focusing on two upcoming champions. In January a mystical jungler was hinted at as the next champion, followed by a melee carry that refuses to die. Speculation has arisen about the melee carry as either someone who can’t die like Tryndamere or maybe as a character that has come back from the dead. One of the biggest theories right now is that the melee carry is Yone, Yasuo’s brother who was slain by Yasuo himself in his lore.

Riot Games did state that with Senna and Kai’sa, they planned on making more fan-favorite lore-based champions, and due to Yone’s appearance in Legends of Runeterra, it might be entirely possible that Yone is this future character.

League of Legends events and game modes

So far this year there have been two major events in League of Legends. One of which was the Mecha Kingdoms skin line upon the release of Sett. Alongside this, the game mode ARURF arrived. Then the recent Galaxy Event is about to finish alongside One for All as a game mode.

The next patch showcases the FunPlus Phoenix Worlds skins, created for last year’s champions. However, additions to the Pulsefire skin line have been announced where Riot will be bringing back pick-URF.

At the end of summer, Riot Games is also going to bring back Nexus Blitz as a limited-time game mode in order to celebrate the Summer Festival.

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