Legends of Runeterra Taric reveal

Yesterday we got our first look at the new region coming to Legends of Runeterra in the new Call of the Mountain expansion titled Targon. We got to see some new units, a new spell, and even a new ability. However, the most exciting thing about the region reveal has to be the new champions it will bring to the game. It looks like we will see a new reveal each day until the expansion launches next week. Today we got a look at the first of Targon’s new champions, Taric.

Taric is a 4 drop champion with 2/4. Like the rest of the Targon cards we have seen so far, support seems to be the big theme for the region. Targon’s support ability reads “give me and my supported ally Tough this round. Copy the last spell you cast on only me this round onto that ally.” His level up condition is “I’ve seen you target or support allies 7+ times”. For a deck based all around the support ability, that condition will be incredibly easy to achieve.

It is unclear how Taric will react if multiple single-target effects are used on him. But one can assume it only applies to the most recent effect applied to him. Regardless of that, this ability is incredible, and essentially turns all of your single target spells into doubles of themselves. Plus, the supported ally will always get the Tough ability no matter what.

I fight for my friends

Speaking of single-target spells we also saw a new spell card called “Blessing of Targon”. This 5 drop burst speed spell gives one ally +3/+3. When used on Taric, this will make his supported ally also gain the +3/+3 plus the Tough ability. Using cards like Mountain Sojourners, which was revealed yesterday, you can sandwich an ally between Sojourners and Taric, with another ally to the right of Taric, and create a powerful chain of support bonuses going from left to right.

Lastly, we see Taric’s leveled up form. He is still a 4 cost, but now boasts stats of 3/5. His ability reads “Support: My supported ally and I can’t take damage or die this round. Copy the last spell you cast on only me this round onto that ally.” This ability is insane, giving him a built-in Unyielding Spirit, which is arguably one of the most broken spells in the game. Additionally, he also keeps his copy ability from his front side. Legends of Runeterra’s Taric champion might just be the new meta.

Targon decks look like they are going to be great at playing wide and tall if effects like this keep being shown. It stands right on the edge of being maybe just a little too good on paper, but we will have to see how the meta shakes up after Taric and the region of Targon release in Legends of Runeterra on August 26.

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