Lies of P: Can you choose a class?

Lies Of P Class Guide

Like plenty of other soulslikes, Lies of P lets you build out your character with a surprising amount of choice. You get plenty of control over your build and can approach the game in a few different ways. But some players may want to be able to choose a class to make leveling up a little easier. Well, there’s some good news for these players as Lies of P does indeed give you a basic choice of class.

Lies of P: Can you choose a class

Lies of P gives you a choice of class almost right at the start of the game. Your character will first awaken in a train and at the end, you’ll get to choose a combat style. There are three to choose from in total. The first is Path of the Cricket: Balance, which starts you off with balanced stats across the board. Then there’s Path of the Bastard: Dexterity, which prioritizes the Vigor and Technique stats. And finally, there’s Path of the Sweeper: Strength, which focuses on Vitality, Capacity, and Motivity.

Lies Of P Class Choices

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These three choices give you a glimpse into the main builds of Lies of P. And it’s nice that the game presents the choice so simply, as opposed to Dark Souls which bombards new players with a lot of choices right off the bat. All three of these classes don’t necessarily set you in stone though. If you pick the Path of the Sweeper there are still plenty of levels to spend on the Technique stat if that’s what you’d rather go with. You’ll just lose out on some early levels that’ll make the overall process a little quicker.

But if you’re a player that’s stuck for choice on this screen you’re probably wondering what the best choice is. It might be unsurprising, but the best choice to go for here is Path of the Cricket: Balance. This class will give you a good spread across all stats in Lies of P and won’t funnel you into an early playstyle you don’t like. If you’re curious about trying out the other weapons don’t worry too much about that. Near the first boss, you’ll be able to buy them from a merchant.

Lies of P is now available on PC.

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