Lies of P: Can you customize your character?

Lies Of P Customization Guide

If you’ve ever tried Dark Souls, one of the things you’ll probably remember is the robust character creator. It lets you create the exact kind of character you want. Of course, it’s up to you whether your creation looks normal or like a glitchy abomination. But making your own character is a huge part of those games as they reflect the personal journey you’re about to embark on. This is where customization in Lies of P takes a big turn.

Lies of P: Can you customize your character

In Lies of P, you play as Pinocchio who is already an established character within the universe of the game. So this isn’t like Dark Souls where you’re moulding an avatar. In this game, you’re embodying a role. This means that there is no way to customize your character’s detailed appearance like their face or hairstyle. This might be disappointing news for some but that doesn’t mean that there is no customization whatsoever in Lies of P.

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Lies of P lets you don various outfits throughout the game. You’ll find these by defeating certain bosses or finding them in levels. This helps make the lack of detailed character customization a little easier to bear. There are some really wacky outfits and a handful of cool ones too. So no matter what you’re vibe is you should have something to reflect your personality in Lies of P. The outfits are all one-piece, so you won’t be able to mix and match different sets which is a bit of a shame. It would’ve been funny to see some player’s creative combinations. On the plus side, you do also get to equip accessories like hats and masks to add to your fashion.

But as I mentioned already, you’re playing an established character in this game. So being unable to go crazy with customization in Lies of P does make a certain amount of sense. In a way, it’s nice to play a soulslike that features a strong player character for once.

Lies of P is now available on PC.

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