Lies of P: How to beat Scrapped Watchman

Lies Of P Scrapped Watchman Guide

The Scrapped Watchman is likely to be your first real roadblock as far as bosses go in Lies of P. This boss is a massive hulking mech that hits hard and fast. And you’d be forgiven for struggling against it since it’s really not that far into the game. Luckily this fight isn’t insurmountable and you absolutely can beat it. Let’s take a look at some of the Scrapped Watchman’s weaknesses in Lies of P and beat this boss for good.

Lies of P: How to beat the Scrapped Watchman

So the first thing to note is that the Scrapped Watchman is faster than you think. His attacks will whip out at you at high speeds. He does have long windups, but those fists come down quickly. So, you need to either be ready to perfect block those hits or figure out the timings on how to dodge them. The Scrapped Watchman can cross the battlefield quickly too, so don’t think running away will buy you lots of time. As a side note, make sure you’ve got some upgrades on your weapon.

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The first method to taking this boss down lies in summoning the Specter. Just outside the boss arena, there will be a Crack’s Calling that lets you summon a Specter. This is essentially an NPC that comes in during the boss fight to help you deal damage and distract the enemy. Summoning the Specter costs one Star Fragment, and at this point in the game, I had nine to spare. If you’re running low on these items hold off on using the Crack’s Calling right away. Take a few attempts to learn the fight first and call the Specter in when you’re ready.

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Once you’ve got some help, you’ll notice that the Specter is very aggressive. This is good because it means the Scrapped Watchman will be preoccupied with dealing with it rather than you. This gives you valuable time to go behind the boss and attack it a lot. Now you still won’t be safe from its attacks at this moment because its aggro can switch back to you at a moment’s notice. So be careful to not drain all of your stamina at once. Just land a quick three-hit combo and then back off to see what it does.

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As the fight goes on, the Scrapped Watchman will start to attack more frequently. But the strategy remains the same, just keep attacking him when his aggro switches over to the Specter. If the Specter dies it’ll be time to play the fight a lot safer. But if all has gone to plan the boss should be at low health at this point. Continue dodging through his attacks and strike when moments present themselves. Don’t get too overwhelmed and remain in control. With a little perseverance, the Scrapped Watchman will be taken down in no time at all in Lies of P.

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