Lies of P: Where to find Hidden Moonstones

Lies Of P Hidden Moonstone Guide

Hidden Moonstones are the first material type you’ll need to gather in Lies of P. These handy objects are used to upgrade the damage of your weapons. And just like any other soulslike, having the chance to do more damage is something you should never pass up. Luckily Hidden Moonstones are one of the more common materials you can find in Lies of P. So just by playing the game, you should find plenty. But I’ll still go through some of the ways you can Hidden Moonstones in Lies of P.

Lies of P: How to find Hidden Moonstones

Hidden Moonstones can mostly be found as standard drops in levels throughout Lies of P. Keep an eye out for glowing blue objects on the ground as these can often be Hidden Moonstones. As there’s no way of knowing what they’ll be until you pick them up, you should just pick up every item you see. As you progress further into Lies of P, Hidden Moonstone drops will slowly dwindle and be replaced with rarer materials. So you should spend the Hidden Moonstones that you do find wisely at the start of the game.

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Lies Of P Hidden Moonstone

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The good news is that Polendina will eventually sell you Hidden Moonstones. There are items dotted throughout Lies of P that, when given to Polendina at Hotel Krat, will increase the items he has for sale. And these are upgrades you absolutely don’t want to pass up on. He seems to sell an unlimited number of Hidden Moonstones too, so you’ll be able to get the first few upgrades for any standard weapons easily. You should also naturally find these upgrades by playing through Lies of P. Just make sure you pick up every single item you see in the world like always.

Hidden Moonstones are only able to upgrade a weapon to +3. So you’ll need to start collecting Crescent Moonstones right after. But the philosophy is pretty much identical to finding Hidden Moonstones. Pick up every item you see in the game world and you’ll start building up a pretty big collection of upgrade materials.

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