Life is Strange is out now, which is strange

The first part of DONTNOD’s Square Enix-published episodic adventure, Life is Strange, is apparently out now. This is quite strange.

Don’t get me wrong – it was due out on 30 January (today), but normally when something is due out on 30 January, it pops up at around 6pm in the evening, UK time. Best guess is that it actually launched at 12:01am UK time. As such, if you’re in America and it’s not out now… well, it might be a midnight launch there, too, rather than the “hurl it at every region simultaneously” launch that tends to happen.

Life is Strange has you playing a young lady investigating the disappearance of another young lady with the help of her friend, who is a third young lady. The young lady you control soon discovers that she has the power to rewind time, which is quite a handy thing when you’re conducting an investigation, so expect lots of choice/consequence decisions. Which you can then play with by rewinding time. It’s an excellent concept, and I’m looking forward to toying with it.

The first episode is out now – in the UK, at least. Our review code activated at launch, so I’m downloading it right now. I’m not going to play it just yet (it’s 2:40am; forgive me) but I’ll get on that as soon as I wake up, and we’ll hopefully have a full review for you sometime this afternoon. Unless you have the power to rewind any purchases you make, you might want to wait for that.

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