Lightyear Frontier Early Access Launch Delayed
Screenshot via Frame Break

The Early Access launch for the open-world farming adventure Lightyear Frontier has just been delayed for an unknown amount of time. Originally, Frame Break’s new game set to release in spring 2023, after revealing it in 2021. Lightyear Frontier is a game full of farming, crafting, and exploring, with the twist of not being on the planet Earth. But now that spring is upon us, Frame Break has announced the indefinite delay.

Lightyear Frontier Early Access delayed for some time

In a tweet posted on March 13, Frame Break announced that Lightyear Frontier would not be releasing this spring. To delay it indefinitely means to have no release date yet in mind. The statement explained how this was a difficult decision, but it wants to ensure the launch is as smooth as can be. This solarpunk-esque farming simulator blends elements of planetary exploration, base building, and sustainable resource management.

Not only that, but you can play Lightyear Frontier with up to three of your friends as you pilot colorful mechs to create an out-of-this-world farm. Although, you’re welcome to harvest strange plants and explore ancient ruins alone. If you’re wondering why Lightyear Frontier aims to release in Early Access, its Steam page has this to say:

“For a large system-driven game like Lightyear Frontier community involvement is a must, and we want to get our game into the hands of our players as early as possible. While we have a long-term plan for the game, community feedback will help us prioritize and iterate on the game’s features until the gameplay is just right.”

The developer plans to keep the farming game in Early Access for around a year and a half. Not only that, but Early Access will just be a portion of the full game. While Frame Break has delayed its Early Access launch indefinitely, delaying games usually leads to smoother launches. Lightyear Frontier plans to release on on Steam.

Lightyear Frontier Mech Farming

Screenshot via Frame Break

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