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Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Sujimon rarities explained

Build your team with the best Sujimon.

While every Sujimon is viable on the right team, the highest rarity Sujimon will make the best allies on your battle to the top of the Sujimon League in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. Obtaining high-rarity Sujimon takes a lot of time and money, but it’s worth the investment.

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The gacha system is at the core of the Sujimon minigame in Infinite Wealth, so naturally, obtaining the best Sujimon is a chance-based affair. You can maximize your chances with Master Tickets that let you pull from the Japan or Kiwami gacha banners, or you can continue to raise your team of Sujimon until you gain access to harder Sujimon Raids. Either way, getting better Sujimon means putting in more work.

All Sujimon Rarity Levels in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth

There are five Sujimon rarity levels in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

  • Green
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Kiwami

You can see a Sujimon’s rarity by examining the letter S on their icon. The color of the S denotes their rarity and the three stars underneath the letter showcase their awakening level. You can increase a Sujimon’s rarity by evolving it, but not all Sujimon can evolve. You’ll also need a bunch of duplicate Sujimon too, since you need to fully awaken a Sujimon before they can evolve.

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Sujimon High Necromancer
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How to Awaken Sujimon for Evolution

The three stars underneath a Sujimon’s rarity represent its awakening level. By visiting a Suji Spot and infusing a Sujimon with duplicates obtained from gacha pulls or Raids, you can slightly increase its stats by raising it to the next awakening level. Once you’ve reached the maximum awakening level of three and filled in all three stars, you can evolve the Sujimon to a new form to repeat the process all over again.

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Big Endgame Hunter Sujimon Evolution
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Evolving a Sujimon will increase its overall rarity. For example, the green-rarity Extreme Sportsman evolves into the bronze-rarity Poach Roach. After awakening Poach Roach three times, it can then evolve into the silver-rarity Big Game Hunter. To recap, just cram all your duplicates into one Sujimon until it reaches a three-star awakening level, evolve it to a new form, and then repeat the process over and over.

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Sujimon Rarity Differences

Green and Bronze rarity Sujimon will be the enemies that you face in normal battles and low-level Sujimon Raids, and you should be able to easily capture them with normal Suji Gifts. You can still see Silver rarity and higher Sujimon in the wild, but you’ll mostly only find them in gacha pulls, particularly on the Japan and Kiwami banners.

You can tell a Sujimon’s rarity during a pull by looking at their outfits. Green and Bronze tier Sujimon will wear dirty gray clothes with a matching mask. Silver rarity Sujimon will wear orange clothes with a silver mask. Gold rarity and up Sujimon will wear a gold mask with a white jumpsuit covered in gold straps. Again, rarer Sujimon are more easily obtained from the Japan and Kiwami gacha banners.

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Sujimon Gacha Pull
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You’ll know you’ve pulled an especially rare Sujimon if you see a flash of text appear on the screen before your pull. Just like pulling a 5-star in a gacha game, the best Sujimon all have unique summoning animations. Some gold rarity Sujimon — like Suji Rider, for example — have this dialogue cut in, but all Kiwami Sujimon have it.

How to Get the Rarest Sujimon

Kiwami Sujimon are the best of the best. You can only get them from Legendary Sujimon Raids which feature level 60 enemies. These are denoted with a gold star icon on the Raid menu and they won’t even start to appear in your game until you reach the very end of Infinite Wealth’s main story and raise your party to a high enough level. Defeating these Raids gives you a chance to recruit the featured Kiwami Sujimon, and you’ll also get a Kiwami Master Ticket as a reward so you can pull a guaranteed Kiwami Sujimon from the gacha.

You’ll also get an ultra powerful Kiwami Sujimon for completing the main storyline of Infinite Wealth, but we won’t spoil who it is. You’ll know you’ve got a Kiwami Sujimon in your collection because their icon is animated and shines with a bright light. It almost looks like the silver Sujimon icon, but it’s way shinier.

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