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Overwatch 2 is going godlike starting tomorrow during its Battle for Olympus event. The limited-time event will allow players to queue up as one of seven heroes in a lightning- and boulder-tossing free-for-all deathmatch with special awards at stake. A new trailer showcases the seven heroes, styled after Greek gods, along with their new godly abilities and powers.

The Overwatch 2 Battle for Olympus event was teased during the game’s Season 2 reveal. Blizzard confirmed the event begins tomorrow, January 5, and lasts until January 19. That should be enough time for many players to earn the rewards on offer, which I assume are mostly cosmetic.

And speaking of cosmetic, the trailer puts the new style of each hero on full display. Junker Queen and Ramattra have already been showing off their respective Zeus and Poseidon skins since the launch of Season 2. However, the heroes starring in the event will also soon sport new duds. The trailer shows off Roadhog as a cyclops, Lucio as Hermes, Widomaker as Medusa, Pharah as Hades, and Reinhardt as the minotaur.

Overwatch 2 Battle for Olympus grants god-like powers

It won’t be just a simple deathmatch between the seven heroes. Each one has a power of the god who inspired them. Junker Queen, who is dressed up as Zeus, calls down lightning to strike enemies. We see that happen when she uses her ultimate, but there’s a chance lightning also appears with regular abilities. Widowmaker can freeze enemies in place after she scopes on them, Lucio’s Soundwave can stun, Roadhog grows bigger and shoots large boulders, Ramattra lifts enemies in a spout of water during his Ravenous Vortex, and Pharah can move during her ultimate. The only one I’m not sure of yet is Reinhardt.

The details on the trailer reveal that the top-winning hero of the event will have a statue erected on the Ilios map.

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