Where to find the Band of Smiles in Coral Island

Where To Find The Band Of Smiles In Coral Island
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There are many points in Coral Island where the game doesn’t exactly point out where to go, such as the Mythical Dream quest, or in this case the Band of Smiles.

This is where we come to help since I was also lost after trying to find the place where I could be accepted into this monster-fighting guild. Here’s where to find them.

Coral Island: How to find Band of Smiles location

Once you start exploring the caverns and fighting monsters, you’ll get a letter in the mail saying that if you kill 30 monsters, you’ll pass the test and join the Band of Smiles. Although the letter briefly mentions where the guild is, after defeating those 30 monsters I’d forgotten the location. You can find the Band of Smiles in Coral Island to the right of Kira’s house.

I first received the letter from Kira on Spring 14 after I reached level 10 of the mines. Once you complete that quest, check your map to spot Kira’s house, which is northwest of your farm.

Where To Find The Band Of Smiles In Coral Island Kira
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After you’ve defeated 30 monsters and come close to Kira’s house, you’ll automatically get into a cutscene where your character walks towards the green cellar door leading underground, which is the entrance to the guild.

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The initiation ceremony with Kira and the gang will begin, and you’ll be granted a B.O.S. Badge. This special item grants you access to B.O.S. Guild rooms. You can now take on specific Errands on the B.O.S. job board involving gathering resources and defeating monsters in the caverns.

Where To Find The Band Of Smiles In Coral Island Shop
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You can also purchase various items from the guild store, such as Monster Lures, Rope, weapons, and even Explosives. But my favorite things to buy here are Rings, each with its own special abilities that can aid you down in the mines.

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Coral Island is available on Steam, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5.

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