Lionhead are currently working on two new titles. The Fable HD remake, Fable: Anniversary, and Fable: Legends for the Xbox One. Fable isn’t the only thing Lionhead have up their sleeves as Eurogamer discovered when they wrote an article profiling the game.

Lionhead boss, John Needham, said to Eurogamer that although the company was known for Fable, “we’re working on other games, too.”.

“We’re working on other different sorts of games as well that we’re not talking about right now and won’t be Fable-esque,”

Since Lionhead was purchased by Microsoft, the studio has focused on Fable, releasing Fable II, Fable III, Fable Heroes, and Fable: The Journey. Lionhead’s studio developer, Stuart Whyte, added: “We’ve worked on a number of Fable games. We did The Movies. We did Black & White. We’re not just a Fable studio. Judging by where we are at the moment we’ve had a lot of Fable games in recent times, but I wouldn’t say that we’re just Fable. I can’t really say any more at this point!”

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