The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope Teaser Trailer Man Of Medan Secret Ending

Man of Medan hasn’t officially launched yet and, surprisingly, the sequel has already been revealed. The next title in The Dark Pictures Anthology series from Supermassive Games is called Little Hope. You can watch the trailer below:

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope

The trailer depicts a young man named Andrew who lives in the quaint town, from which the game takes its title from — Little Hope. Andrew is played by none other than BAFTA Rising Star awardee Will Poulter (We’re the Millers, The Maze Runner).

Poulter also played a major role in Netflix’s Bandersnatch special episode for Black Mirror. The anthology series has been critically-acclaimed. Bandersnatch, meanwhile, was Netflix’s attempt to create an interactive episode which presented multiple choices that led to branching paths in the storyline. Isn’t it fitting that Poulter — who played the character Colin Ritman, a computer wiz who seems to have an idea that parallel realities exist and multiple replayable choices are possible — is now part of an interactive cinematic video game with similar concepts and mechanics?

I digress. Anyway, the Little Hope trailer shows Poulter’s character screaming for his friend, Angela, who seems to be in deep trouble. A creature is also shown climbing out of a pit, and there’s also a creepy girl dancing around a fire. Will we see more occult and demonic themes in The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope, perhaps?

The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope Teaser Trailer Monster Man Of Medan Secret Ending

The creature from Little Hope‘s teaser trailer.

Little Hope – Man of Medan’s “secret ending”

Before I can even ponder the answer to that question, I must admit that I’m quite perplexed. So far, it hasn’t been revealed how the teaser trailer for Little Hope was leaked. Sources seem to note that it pops up somewhere in Man of Medan as a “secret ending” of sorts.

The original source was a Twitter user named @Slashthrasher who mentioned that the cinematic was available if you stay after the end credits have finished rolling.

While reviewing doing a full walkthrough for Man of Medan, I had replayed the game several times. I was also able to discover around seven endings and various post-credits scenes. Funnily enough, not a single ending or post-credits scene led to any teaser trailer for Little Hope.

The most it was hinted at was in one of Man of Medan‘s missable Premonitions or pictures in the game which I’ve explained in detail. This also includes not skipping the end credits roll and rewatching all the endings and post-credits scenes I’ve obtained. Who knows how it came to be?

The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope Teaser Trailer Man Of Medan Secret Ending Andrew Premonition

Man of Medan‘s secret Premonition which depicts a scene from Little Hope.

In any case, The Dark Pictures Anthology‘s next game, Little Hope, comes out in 2020. As for the first game in the series, Man of Medan, that releases tomorrow (August 30) and you can find it via Steam.

For more about Man of Medan, and some tidbits about Little Hope, you can check our guides and features hub.

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