Log Jammers

A Kickstarter for the multi-award-winning arcade sports game Log Jammers by indie developer Mega Cat Studios was announced today. Check out the awesome trailer below and get ready for some real backwoods ax-throwing craziness and, yes, flannel galore.

The goal for the Kickstarter is to get the game fully funded for a release on consoles and PC.

What is Log Jammers?

Log Jammers is an homage to the classic NES game, Windjammers. The game itself dropped last year for the NES, surprising gamers by releasing in a wooden cartridge. The PC version will come with new features, including updated music and graphics.

A competitive sports game, Log Jammers pits two players against each other as they hurl axes for points, all the while balancing on a log. Think of it as a more extreme version of Pong. It won Best Digital Game Play and Digital Game of the Year, awarded at Gameacon 2017.

“It’s finally nearing release, and we couldn’t be happier”, says Zack Manko, Lead Cat at Mega Cat Studios. “There’s something here for any Windjammers fan, and the demo is available on Steam to appease your curiosities.”

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Key Game Features (from the press release):

  • Slam your axe into your opponent’s goal in fast-paced blade tossing carnage
  • Activate power-ups to set your blade ablaze or cover your opponent in slippery oil
  • Grab the star to unleash each character’s unique special throw
  • Choose a timber beast with a level of speed, technique, and swoleness that suits your play style!
  • Jam out in funky arenas such as a mayonnaise factory spill, ’80s hell, and a peaceful beaver pond
  • You’ll get to know of the more interesting characters, like Bruiser Bogardus, the strong man who makes exercise equipment out of wood, or the Mayonnaise Monsoon, a bloated corpse who died in an industrial accident
  • Watch your lumberjack trash talk your vanquished opponent
  • A physical cartridge NES version for hardcore fans and retro collectors is also available

Log Jammers Cartridge

The Kickstarter begins on September 12. Interested? Check out the demo on Steam now!

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