There were some rumblings about a modern Loom project over the past couple of days, thanks to some comments made by creator Brian Moriarty at PAX East. Moriarty was giving a retrospective talk at the event and, as reported by Polygon, expressed an interest in making new Looms.

“There are now three studios who I would entrust with the sequels: Telltale, Double Fine and Wadjet Eye,” Moriarty said. “Talk to me.”

That wasn’t taken as an idle suggestion, because quite shortly afterwards both Double Fine and Wadjet Eye acknowledged Moriarty’s talk on twitter. Double Fine went with a classic.

While Wadjet Eye’s Dave Gilbert seemed humbled by Moriarty’s considerations.

As far as I can tell, Telltale didn’t respond publicly. They’re busy making about twenty seven other licensed games though, so adding Loom to that pile might make their studio team cry.

Unfortunately, as with the recent example of NOLF, it seems as if the rights to Loom are pretty awkward to say the least. Gilbert came back to twitter to post the following.

Somebody call Night Dive.

The prospect of a Wadjet Eye team-up with Brian Moriarty is an intriguing one, but it’s a shame that once again it looks like an older, classic game is wrapped up tight in legal tape.

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