Loose Weight With Your DS

‘My Health Coach: Weight Management’ will come to the DS this summer.  The game is developed under the cautious eye of a fitness coach and a nutritionist and promises to help maintaina  healthy lifestyle.

And you get a pedometer, which counts the amount of steps you take everyday, much like the ones given away in certain cereal packets not long ago to help you lose weight.

Let’s face it gang, we’re all turning a little fat here in the UK, I believe that we are the most obese nation in Europe at the moment, so anything to help us drop a few pounds should be good.  As long as it doesn’t feature that annoying Scottish cow, Gillian McKeith.

The game will not only count your footsteps, but will also teach you how to maintain a balanced diet, presumably in the shape of a banana alarm clock.

I may be being a little cynical, but I can’t help it. 

According to the press release, all you need to do is spend 10-15 each day and you’ll get healthier.  I suppose it works in the same way as ‘Brain Training’, but I will be intrigued to see if it works.