Turbine has talked about the mini game within its MMO Lord of the Rings Online, Tag.

While playing LotRO, players may find they have a few minutes to kill in between epic missions, and what better to do than have some light-hearted fun with friends? In an article on the LotRO site, Turbine describe the games found in the ruins to the south west of the Bree-land Festival grounds, where adventurers can take a break from killing monsters and play a game of Tag.

Players can try out the standard game of Tag, where someone starts the game by touching the Tag marker and becoming “It”. Alternatively, a game of Keep Away can be played, where the objective is to remain “It” as long as possible, and for a more challenging game, why not try Freeze Tag? These games can also be played on horseback.Leaving the zones results in the game ending, so don’t run too far!

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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