LotRO Tag Game

Turbine has talked about the mini game within its MMO Lord of the Rings Online, Tag.

While playing LotRO, players may find they have a few minutes to kill in between epic missions, and what better to do than have some light-hearted fun with friends? In an article on the LotRO site, Turbine describe the games found in the ruins to the south west of the Bree-land Festival grounds, where adventurers can take a break from killing monsters and play a game of Tag.

Players can try out the standard game of Tag, where someone starts the game by touching the Tag marker and becoming “It”. Alternatively, a game of Keep Away can be played, where the objective is to remain “It” as long as possible, and for a more challenging game, why not try Freeze Tag? These games can also be played on horseback.Leaving the zones results in the game ending, so don’t run too far!