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The Decoy is a gear item in Temtem that will help you run away from battle more easily. As far as I can tell, when you have the Decoy equipped you can always run away successfully. This item is going to be one of the best in the game when you start hunting very rare Temtem, searching for Luma Temtem, and leveling specific Training Value (TVs) stats.

Why the Decoy is the best farming item in Temtem

Farming is a tedious process where you’ll encounter hundreds (probably even thousands) of Temtem that you don’t want to fight. If you’re looking for a very rare Temtem like Oceara, you don’t want to have to fight every Temtem you encounter while searching for it. Another very rare Temtem, Shuine, has an 8% chance to appear in the wild and Gyalis has a 10% chance. So, roughly one out of every 10 encounters will be with the rare Temtem.

Decoy Best Item For Farming Rare And Luma Temtem

The best item for running away. You’re not a coward, you’re just practical.

That’s where the Decoy comes in. If you’re running away from 90% of the wild Temtem you encounter, you want to make sure you flee successfully every time. It prevents your Temtem from getting damaged and it saves you time by ensuring you don’t have to attempt to flee a second time. And believe me, all those seconds will add up.

If you’re hunting Luma Temtem, your chances of encountering one are one in 6,000. That means you will be running away from 99.98% of wild encounters. If an unsuccessful flee costs you between 10 and 20 seconds each time, that’s going to add up to a lot of seconds you’ll never get back.

Finally, when you’re leveling specific TVs, you only want to fight Temtem that reward the TV stat increase you’re looking for. This means if a Temtem appears that doesn’t reward that TV stat, you need to run away. Once again, doing it successfully every time will save you a lot of time and hassle.

How to get the Decoy in Temtem

Now that you know why the Decoy is the best item for farming in Temtem, I’ll walk you through how to get it. When you arrive in Briçal de Mar, you will be told to go to the Accademia. On the second floor, in the left room, you will find Headmistress Dolça. She will task you with a quest called Missing Kids. You need to find two boys, Yusuf and Roger, who haven’t been coming to class.

Headmistress Dolca In The Accademia

Headmistress Dolça in the Accademia.

If you haven’t completed the Arissola Dojo yet, you can forget about the quest until you do so. You need the surfboard you get as a reward for defeating Sophia. If you need some tips for dealing with Temtem’s first Dojo, I’ve created a guide to help you out. Also, before you attempt the Arissola Dojo, make sure to pick up the Umbrella – it’s the best early game item in Temtem.

Once you’ve completed the Dojo and have the surfboard, return to Briçal de Mar and head all the way to the west to the lake. Hop on your surfboard and cruise to the bit of land in the southwest corner of the lake. There you’ll find the missing kids, Yusuf and Roger.

Missing Kids Yusuf And Roger Location

The location of Yusuf and Roger, the missing kids.

Once you’ve spoken to them, return to Headmistress Dolça in the Accademia and tell her the missing kids have been playing truant. She will then reward you with the Decoy gear item for your troubles.

Make sure you equip the Decoy to one of your two Temtem that will be first on the battlefield when you encounter wild Temtem. Now, the Decoy will activate every time you attempt to run away, and you will flee successfully. Congratulations, you’ve just saved hours (possibly even days) of your life.

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