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While progressing through the story of Man of Medan, you’ll notice a number of pictures hanging on the walls. These are “Premonitions” that give you a glimpse into possible futures — new beginnings, or abrupt ends. There are 13 of them in the game, with three achievements based on finding them.

White framed Premonitions – One achievement pertains to finding all of the pictures with white or lighter borders. These Premonitions give you a vision of a possible future, perhaps an alternate branch in the story or a QTE sequence. It doesn’t necessarily mean that characters would end up dead… yet.

Black framed Premonitions – Another achievement can be obtained once you found all pictures with black or darker borders. These Premonitions plainly show character death scenes.

All Premonitions – The final Premonition in the game can be obtained during its penultimate chapter depending on your character choices. It has a gold frame. We’ll tell you how to get it here without spoiling too much since it’s quite special.

Opening Credits Duke Of Milan Frame

Note: We’ve listed down the Premonitions in chronological order. 12 out of 13 pictures can be found in one single-player walkthrough. Only one picture will require you to have the Curator’s Cut or for the second/alternate player to find it via Man of Medan‘s “Shared Story” mode during a particular moment in the game. Do remember that you can click on each image for a larger view and that there will be spoilers ahead. Let’s move on, shall we?

High and Dry

  • Location: Duke of Milan (“Wreck”)
  • Character: Alex
  • Frame: White frame picture #2

Man Of Medan 13 Premonitions Guide Picture 1 Duke Of Milan

Obtained: Man of Medan‘s initial area when Alex checks the boat

Depicts: Brad not being discovered while hiding aboard the Duke of Milan. This allows Brad to explore the freighter alone (for a time), finding more secrets and even another picture later on.

Success: When the fishermen attack the Duke of Milan, Conrad will spot Brad while hiding. You can tell your friends about this. Later, when Alex asks where Brad is, say that he’s safe and that “Brad can help you later.” If you say that Brad might drown, he gets discovered.

P Scene 1

Cut and Run

  • Location: Duke of Milan (“Uninvited Guests”)
  • Character: Fliss
  • Frame: Black framed picture #2

Man Of Medan 13 Premonitions Guide Picture 2 Duke Of Milan

Obtained: While others are diving, head below deck and open the small room to your left, opposite Brad and Conrad’s room.

Depicts: Conrad escaping using the fishermen’s boat and Olson shooting him.

Success: During “Kidnapped,” choose the “escape” choices to get the boat. Be ready for QTE sequences to get to the boat and avoid Olson’s shot.

P Scene 2

Devil and the Deep

  • Location: Sunken Plane (“Dive”)
  • Character: Julia
  • Frame: Black framed picture #1

Man Of Medan 13 Premonitions Guide Picture 3 Dive

Obtained: Once you gain control of Julia, check your left-hand side prior to heading through the opening.

Depicts: Julia having difficulty breathing. She’s suffering from “the bends” or decompression sickness.

Success: When you’re done with your dive with Alex, you’ll see an explosion on the boat. You’ll have two dialogue prompts, but do not surface too early on both occasions.

P Scene 3

In the Offing

  • Location: Freighter – Upper Decks (“An Escape”)
  • Character: Conrad or Alex
  • Frame: Black framed picture #3

Man Of Medan 13 Premonitions Guide Picture 4 An Escape

Obtained: During “An Escape,” once you’ve gotten away from the locked room that Junior is guarding. When you reach the crew’s sleeping areas, you’ll find this near the lockers on the far end.

Depicts: Alex getting grabbed by a strange creature that looks a bit like Olson. He’ll get his head smashed on the metal door, leading to his death.

Success: Much later, during “Revenge,” you’ll have to escape from Alex’s doppelganger. Complete the QTE sequences – especially the ones towards the end.

P Scene 4

Cut of your Jib

  • Location: Kitchen (“Caskets”)
  • Character: Alex
  • Frame: Black frame picture #4

Man Of Medan 13 Premonitions Guide Picture 5 Kitchens

Obtained: Check the far wall in the mess hall/kitchen during the “Caskets” chapter.

Depicts: Brad getting stabbed by an unknown assailant.

Success: As Fliss, if you’re hallucinating, don’t stab the hooded figure. As Brad, if you’re hallucinating, avoid the shroud’s attacks. Can be completely avoided if Brad wasn’t discovered and he eventually discovers the gas mask.

P Scene 5

Close Quarters

  • Location: Workshops (“Danny”)
  • Character: Fliss
  • Frame: White frame picture #3

Man Of Medan 13 Premonitions Guide Picture 6 Workshops Danny

Obtained: Interacting with this too early will have Danny pushing you away. Wait for him to run off and check it after a cutscene.

Depicts: Fliss meeting a hooded figure.

Success: You’ll have a trippy sequence in “The Ritual” where you’re in a ballroom. Head outside the door to get some fresh air and remove the hallucinogenic effects. If Fliss is still hallucinating inside the ballroom, a hooded figure will approach her. Stabbing it will have you accidentally kill Brad.

P Scene 6

Copper Bottomed (missable)

  • Location: Quartermaster’s Office (“Finding Friends”)
  • Character: Brad (hidden)
  • Frame: White frame picture #5

Man Of Medan 13 Premonitions Guide Picture 7 Brad Search Qm

Obtained: If Brad was never discovered while hiding aboard the Duke of Milan, he can explore the ship separately in “Finding Friends.” Make sure to also get the gas mask when you reach the locker room area. Pass the QTE sequence inside the bathroom. Make your way to the quartermaster’s office and, once you’ve pushed the box to make it through the small opening, check the room to your right.

Depicts: A military helicopter arrives.

Success: Only possible if you provided your coordinates and/or the ship’s name to the military via radio later during Man of Medan‘s “Distress Signal” chapter.

P Scene 7


  • Location: Ballroom (“The Ritual”)
  • Character: Fliss
  • Frame: White framed picture #4

Man Of Medan 13 Premonitions Guide Picture 8 Fliss Ballroom Hallucination

Obtained: While Fliss is hallucinating in the ballroom, check the small room near the stage (where the lever is).

Depicts: Alex is trying to drown someone while Julia is shouting.

Success: Julia can tell Alex to stop drowning the attacker or to keep at it. During Man of Medan‘s “Revenge” scene as the two are running away, make sure to press the correct buttons for the QTE sequences. Otherwise, you might see the result from the “In the Offing” Premonition.

P Scene 8

Plain Sailing (missable)

  • Location: Officer’s Quarters (“Glamor Girl”)
  • Character: Conrad
  • Frame: White frame picture #1

Man Of Medan 13 Premonitions Guide Picture 9 Glamor Girl Conrad

Obtained: You can only play this chapter if Conrad didn’t escape on the fishermen’s speedboat. Once Conrad sees the spooky lady, search the rooms to the side. A room on the left will have this Premonition.

Depicts: The distributor cap has been smashed by the falling cargo hold door.

Success: During the struggle with Olson in “Flooded,” make sure to grab the distributor cap. Repel Olson’s attacks, then tell your friend to close the door immediately.

P Scene 9

Ship Shape (missable)

  • Location: Officer’s Quarters (“Glamor Girl” – Curator’s Cut or Shared Story)
  • Character: Fliss or Brad
  • Frame: Black frame picture #5

Man Of Medan 13 Premonitions Guide Picture 10 Glamor Girl Fliss Brad Shared Story Curators Cut

Obtained: This can only be obtained if you have the Curator’s Cut or if you’re playing the online co-op Shared Story mode. Check the officer’s quarters mess hall and you’ll find the Premonition on the wall. If you’re playing Shared Story mode, don’t worry if your partner obtains this, since you also get the credit for your collection.

Depicts: Conrad trying to climb up and falling to his doom.

Success: While Conrad is running away from “the lady,” make sure to press the correct buttons once he’s climbing up the metal ladder. If you fail the QTE sequence, he falls to his death. Later, you’re presented the choice of jumping or confronting the monster. Choose the latter, but don’t attack it — just let the timer expire. You’ll come to your senses and realize that it’s one of your pals.

P Scene 10

Loose Cannon

  • Location: Comms Room (“Distress Signal”)
  • Character: Any
  • Frame: Black frame picture #6

Man Of Medan 13 Premonitions Guide Picture 11 Comms Room Distress Signal Junior Shot

Obtained: Once you’ve opened the door to the communications room, check the far wall (before the room with the nautical chart) to grab this Premonition.

Depicts: Junior will shoot himself in the head with a pistol.

Success: After you’ve spotted the generator, you’ll see the Rebreather. Bring this with you. During the “Keep Calm” mini-game where Olson is searching for you, do not get spotted. Once you encounter Junior, ask him about the mist, tell him that you did see it, and then tell him that you held your breath using the Rebreather. When Junior points the gun at himself, choose the “Grab Pistol” option. Junior will be subdued using the Rebreather, and he survives the events of Man of Medan.

P Scene 11

Know the Ropes

  • Location: Lower Decks/Generator (“Depths”)
  • Character: Any
  • Frame: White frame picture #6

Man Of Medan 13 Premonitions Guide Picture 12 Generator Room Hidden

Obtained: Once you reach the generator, don’t go to the left just yet. Head to your right (the walkway is a little hidden). You’ll find this Premonition on the far wall.

Depicts: Olson is choking someone using the sledgehammer’s handle just as the cargo hold’s door falls down.

Success: This happens during one of Man of Medan‘s finales. Keep smashing the correct button (X) as you struggle with Olson. Then, press the next button (B) to kick him away.

P Scene 12

A Little Hope (missable/special)

  • Location: Lower Decks (“Olson”)
  • Character: Conrad or Brad
  • Frame: Gold frame picture (special)

Final Special Gold Frame A Little Hope Conrad Sleeping Quarters

Obtained: Only possible if Alex (and Julia) went down below first during “Distress Signal.” After you use the radio, pick the dialogue choices which have Alex head down below and not Brad. Later, once gunshots ring out, one of the remaining characters will investigate the noise leading to an alternate finale. Follow the corridor until you reach the sleeping quarters. You’ll find the Premonition on the wall.

Depicts: We won’t spoil it here, but you can check our separate feature which goes into detail. Let’s just say it’s quite a surprise.

Final Special Gold Frame A Little Hope Conrad Sleeping Quarters

That does it for all 13 Premonitions in The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan. As mentioned, you can find 12 of them in one single-player playthrough. Only one requires you to play the Shared Story online co-op mode, or at least have the Curator’s Cut pre-order bonus. If you do want to check it out, you can visit the Steam store page.

As for our other content regarding The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan, you can have a look at our guides and features hub for everything you need to know.

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