July 21st, 2017

Marvel Heroes Advance Pack lets you pre-order characters

marvel heroes advance-pack-deluxe-edition

Gazillion Entertainment have opened up Advance Pack orders for Marvel Heroes, letting you pre-order pretty much all of the playable heroes and villains to be released over the next year at a steep discount.

The Standard Edition, which costs $99.99, will give you access to Dr. Strange, Juggernaut, Magneto, Moon Knight, Nightcrawler, Psylocke, Silver Surfer, Star-Lord, Sue Storm, Venom, and two additional heroes that have yet to be announced. You’ll also get 36 Fortune Cards (12 Mark IV, 12 Mark V, and 12 Mark VI), 12 Retcon devices, and a Hero Stash tab for every hero in the pack.

Alternatively, you can opt for the $129.99 Deluxe Edition. This includes all of the above plus an extra costume for each of those heroes, double the number of Fortune Cards and Retcon devices, Gambit’s As Death costume and Wolverine’s Fear Itself costume (given to you a month before they hit the store), and – if you order before 31 December – a free Ghost Rider bundle. That adds in Ghost Rider, two costumes, a Hero Stash tab, a Retcon potion, and six Fortune Cards.

The pricing still seems fairly steep to me, but considering how much all of this stuff would cost individually (Gazillion reckon $215 and $425, respectively) it’s a fairly good discount if it’s the sort of thing you’re interested in. And hey, I can’t really talk. I’m still eyeing up Fiery Soul of the Slayer, and that’s entirely cosmetic.

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    • SLowrAM

      Wow, can’t believe their prices. Thought it would be half what it is. I guess they are doing alright financially to ask people (and apparently expect to get buyers) at the current rate. It doesn’t even include double the current content – just new characters playing through same missions.

      • fsj

        You will be able to obtain all these heroes for free if you so choose. Just takes more patience. The content (3 raids, 2 pvp modes, runewords a la D2 and a load of other stuff that I don’t remember off the top of my head) comes free throughout the 12 months that these heroes are being released.

        Equates to a $10-$11 a month MMO sub if you buy the pack, but you don’t have to spend a penny to use any of the upcoming content, including the heroes.

    • sorudo

      they say a high worth and ask a certain price to justify it, i bet it’s not even half the pack cost’s worth.

    • Doomsawguy

      the last two Playable Characters for that Pack are gonna be Richard Reed (Mister Fantastic) and Iceman, we can’t have Fantastic four without Richard Reed, he is their leader, and Iceman, every X-men are in the game, can’t have all X-Men without Iceman, he the only X-men character left. Doomsaw, confirm both as the last playables in that Advanced Pack. Both Mister Fantastic and Iceman are great choices…