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Marvel Snap: Best Master Mold Decks

Make some Sentinels

In the Marvel Universe, Master Mold is a supercomputer that creates Sentinels. In Marvel Snap, Master Mold creates two Sentinels and adds them to the opponent’s hand. The ability to affect the opponent’s hand opens up new decks and ways to play Marvel Snap. Here are some of the best Master Mold decks in Marvel Snap.

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Best Master Mold Decks in Marvel Snap

Master Mold Lockdown Deck

Best Marvel Snap Decks Master Mold 1

Without a doubt, Master Mold’s best friend is Ronan. Master Mold increases the number of cards in the opponent’s hand, giving Ronan four extra power. Both of these cards can win a location by themselves. Ronan’s Ongoing effect can be copied by Mystique, effectively giving us two Ronans in play.

Rock Slide shuffles two Rocks into the opponent’s deck, making the opponent’s draws significantly worse. Black Widow adds a Widow’s Bite to the opponent’s hand, preventing the opponent from drawing until Widow’s Bite is played. The last hand manipulation card in this deck is Maximus, who draws the opponent two cards.

Zabu discounts the numerous 4-cost cards in this deck, letting us play 4-cost cards on the last turn of the game. Absorbing Man is bonkers in this deck, as he can double up any of our powerful On Reveal effects. Shang Chi is the third 4-cost card in this deck, included to destroy opposing 9+ power cards.

The 1-cost cards in this deck are Korg and Ice-man. Korg shuffles a rock into the opponent’s deck, and Ice-man makes a card in the opponent’s hand cost 1 more energy. Finally, Armor can protect our Ronans, Mystiques, and 1-cost cards from opposing Killmongers and Shang Chis.

Master Mold Ramp

Best Marvel Snap Decks Master Mold 2

This deck takes advantage of the Master Mold,  Ronan combo with the help of Sandman and Electro. Electro provides an extra energy every turn, with the downside of only being able to play a single card a turn. Playing Sandman restricts both players to one card a turn, leveling the playing field.

We can take advantage of this extra energy by playing out our expensive cards, such as Ronan, Doctor Doom, America Chavez, and Devil Dinosaur. Devil Dinosaur tends to have a large amount of power in this deck, as being able to play only one card a turn leads to large hand sizes. The more cards we have in hand, the more power Devil Dinosaur will have.

America Chavez gives us a guaranteed 9-power play on turn 6, and Doctor Doom is great for spreading power across multiple locations. These late-game cards let us put large amounts of power on the board.

Sunspot converts excess energy into power, oftentimes having 5+ power. Armor protects our Sunspot, Devil Dinosaur, and Ronan from being destroyed by the opponent. Cosmo plays a similar role while also preventing Enchantress from rendering Devil Dinosaur and Ronan useless.

Maximus draws the opponent two cards while having an impressive 7-power. This effect buffs our Ronan and is excellent on the last turn of the game when the opponent can’t take advantage of the cards they drew. Aero is included to disrupt our opponent and tip the game in our favor.

Master Mold Control Deck

Best Marvel Snap Decks Master Mold 3

This deck pairs Ronan and Master Mold with numerous control cards to shut down the opponent’s deck. Baron Mordo is a 2-cost, 3-power card that draws the opponent a card, setting its cost to 6-energy. Not only does this make the drawn card impossible to play, it also buffs Ronan.

Daredevil lets us see our opponent’s turn 5 plays before we make our own, letting us play our Ronans strategically to win a location. Alternatively, we can play Professor X on turn 5, who lockdowns a location, preventing cards from being added or removed from the location. Both these cards can singlehandedly win a location on turn 5.

Another potential turn 5 play we can make is Spiderman, who prevents cards from being played at a location on the following turn. Like Professor X, preventing the opponent from playing at a location can be game-winning. Storm floods a location, getting rid of an undesirable location and making the next turn the last turn to play at that location.

Our variety of location disruption effects increase the effectiveness of Master Mold and Ronan. It also lets us take advantage of Debrii, who adds Rocks to locations other than the one she is played at for both players. Debrii’s effect further limits where the opponent can play a card. Wave makes both players’ cards cost 4-energy, further restricting our opponent and letting us play our expensive cards a turn early.

Maximus helps buff our Ronan by drawing the opponent two cards. He also adds a massive 7-power to a location for 3-energy. Lastly, Iceman and Korg are great additions to disrupt the opponent’s hand and deck. They also let us play proactively in the early turns of the game.

These are some of the best Marvel Snap decks that make great use of Master Mold’s effect. Consider decks without Ronan and how you make the most of Master Mold’s effect.





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