Marvel’s Avengers E3 2019 Team hero crystal dynamics co-op

Marvel’s Avengers was finally shown to the world only a few days ago. According to developer, the story-focused game allows up to four people to co-op online and play as their favorite heroes. However, it seems like not everyone will be able to play as “the strongest Avenger” at the same time. Sorry, I meant Point Break. In an interview with Eurogamer, it was revealed that only one copy of a hero can be played at a time. But that likely won’t be a problem.

Lead designer Philippe Therien talked everything about Avengers, including how heroes can be played. According to him, “you have to play as different characters while online. The Avengers all have different skills and talents and we want people to have a fully-fleshed out team. It wouldn’t be the Avengers otherwise.” It makes sense, of course, to have different characters with varying abilities work together to knock out baddies.

The quote itself hints at possible co-op moves that are only possible when certain heroes are on the field. You could consider the New York fight in the original Avengers film, where Thor and Hulk are rampaging side by side, each using their strengths to help out on another. While Therien doesn’t explicitly say that a scenario such as this will happen in the game, it could be what the team is striving to accomplish.

Marvel’s Avengers E3 2019 Black Widow hero crystal dynamics co-op

You are all worthy

Of course, just about anyone playing the game would have a hero they would want to play more than another. Naturally, I’m sure there’ll be some squabbles over who gets to play as Iron Man or Thor before the game begins. Players would naturally gravitate to the mightiest heroes.

But, Therien explains, going for a power hero in Marvel’s Avengers won’t make much of a difference. In the interview, he explains: “Black Widow can kick as much ass as Thor. All the heroes can wreck house.” Her power level compared to other heroes probably won’t be much of a debate in many online forums. However, for a video game, it makes sense for Crystal Dynamics to level the playing field. After all, if one character is more powerful than the rest, everyone would fight for control. It’s not hard to imagine people quitting games or arguing because they can’t play Hawkeye Iron Man.

Marvel’s Avengers will assemble onto PC on May 15, 2020.

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