Marvel's Midnight Suns Doctor Strange Best Cards Best Build
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Doctor Strange is one of the superheroes in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. With unique support capabilities, he’ll bolster your team and turn the tide of battle. Here’s our Marvel’s Midnight Suns Doctor Strange build guide to help you with the best cards and abilities for the character.

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns best Doctor Strange cards and build guide

Heroic Houdini

What Doctor Strange brings to the table cannot be overlooked. His playstyle predominantly revolves around generating Heroism, subsequently empowering his own abilities and giving allies that much-needed resource to unleash their own powers. Many of his cards also gain the Enhanced variant when Heroism reaches a certain value, whereby they’re given new effects or damage boosts.

  • Passive: Greater Good – Chance to generate +1-2 Heroism each turn.

Best Doctor Strange Skill Cards

  • Agamotto’s Gaze+
    • Draw the last two Attack Cards played and give them a damage boost; start next turn with +4 Card Plays.
    • This is arguably the best Doctor Strange card in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. When you use this, the last two Attack Cards played by characters in your squad will reappear back in your hand. This allows for continuous combos if those cards have Quick/Knockback, as well as devastating chain actions that hit multiple targets. Oh, and it also gives an extra Card Play next turn.
  • Blessing of the Vishanti+
    • Give hero/character cards in your hand extra damage for the rest of the mission.
    • This is yet another ridiculous spell primarily because it gives bonus damage to every hit from an ability. Again, when using chain-type moves, each hit will have this increased DPS.
  • Astral Meditation+
    • Restore two combat items used in this mission.
    • While not as valuable as the above cards, this has a little known benefit that becomes apparent later in the game. Not only does it restore a combat item that you used, but it also ensures that the said item is kept in your inventory. Since consumables are lost upon activating them, it negates the mechanic where you need to spend materials just to craft them once more.
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Best Doctor Strange Attack Cards

  • Winds of Watoomb+
    • Knockback; Quick; Enhanced boost at +3 Heroism grants Forceful Knockback.
    • Doctor Strange only has a couple of Attack Cards, and they aren’t going to annihilate your foes. As such, this is a more viable option just so you could do a bit of crowd control/repositioning enemies and regain the used Card Play if you manage to KO someone.

Best Doctor Strange Heroic Cards

  • Axe of Angarruumus+
    • Apply Weak; Enhanced boosts at +4/6 Heroism grant extra damage.
    • Ideally, you’ll want to cast this once your Heroism is high enough just for the brutal damage it could do.
  • Seven Suns of Cinnibus (Legendary/Heroic)
    • Damage each enemy in an area; Enhanced boosts at +4/6/8 Heroism grant extra damage.
    • Similar to Axe of Angarruumus, you’ll really need to wait until you have enough Heroism for that massive hit. Then again, you also have to consider the other characters in your party. Some might have better nukes that also use up a lot of Heroism.

Note: Legendary Cards are obtained by building the Armory and maxing out the Hunter’s Friendship Levels with another hero. This will unlock a solo puzzle encounter that you have to complete.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns best Doctor Strange build summary

  • Doctor Strange can be considered as the best pure support character in the game. Having him in your group already has a chance of granting bonus Heroism.
  • Take note of the Attack Cards you’ve used before popping Agamotto’s Gaze. You should be able to retain the last two that were activated, so you can plan ahead.
  • Activate Blessing of the Vishanti to make offensive cards more impactful, or grant extra damage to those that don’t even affect enemy HP.
  • Similar to the above, the buff from Blessing of Vishanti benefits every hit from a chain-type spell, making it worthwhile if you have teammates like Iron Man, Wolverine, and Blade.
  • His offensive abilities are there if you need them once your Heroism is high enough. However, it might be better to spend it on resource-intensive heroes or their more destructive powers.
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Marvel’s Midnight Suns is available via Steam.

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