Marvel's Midnight Suns Nico Minoru Best Cards Best Build Guide
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Nico Minoru is one of the superheroes in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. An adept practitioner of witchcraft, her spells can wreak havoc on the field, though RNG can present some downsides. Here’s our Marvel’s Midnight Suns Nico Minoru guide to help you with the best cards and abilities for the character.

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns best Nico Minoru cards and build guide

Ruinous RNG

As mentioned earlier, Nico Minoru’s spells are heavily dependent on the Roulette mechanic and RNG. Basically, the cards have several possible effects which are only set once they’re drawn. In some cases, you might get lucky and obtain the effect you need. Unfortunately, there are also moments when you can’t even make use of something.

Ideally, you’ll want to wait until you’re able to add and reroll mods. By having “X effect on redraw” mods on your cards, you can ensure that you’re gaining a benefit if the card is unusable at the time.

  • Passive: And Another One – Chance to draw a card when any of Nico’s cards is played.

Best Nico Minoru Skill Cards

  • Blood Magic+
    • Apply either +2 Blood Magic (i.e., lifesteal), Counter (i.e., attack an enemy after you’re hit), Fast (i.e., lower Heroism cost), or Strengthened (i.e., +50% more damage dealt); can target Nico or any of her allies; draw +1 of their cards.
    • Counter is exceptional if it pops up and you’ve got tanks like Captain Marvel or Captain America. Strengthened is also nice for extra DPS.
  • Empower+
    • Draw a Heroic Card; all Heroic Cards in your hand will no longer cost Heroism until the end of your turn.
    • Empower is a ridiculous ability since it negates Heroism costs, allowing you to demolish foes from the get-go.
  • Double Up+
    • Generate a copy of every Attack, Skill or Heroic card in your hand.
    • This might be the best Nico Minoru card in Marvel’s Midnight Suns owing to all the free copies you’ll receive. It can lead to some dazzling setups and major boosts (i.e., a bunch of Iron Man cards for Surgical Strike or several Hulk cards for non-stop beatdowns). The only problem is that it will choose from Attack, Skill, or Heroic types when drawn, so it becomes pointless if you don’t have decent options in your hand.
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Best Nico Minoru Attack Cards

  • Blood for Blood+
    • When you KO an enemy, restore X amount of health to Nico or an ally (chosen randomly).
    • You probably don’t want to waste a Card Play just to heal, so this is more viable.
  • Witchfire+
    • Damage a random enemy and recast Witchfire if you KO them; maximum of three recasts.
    • Think of this as akin to Spider-Man’s Chain Strike in that you can hit multiple foes as long as you can KO. As such, this is a good crowd-clearer if another character managed to lower the HP of hostiles.

Best Nico Minoru Heroic Cards

  • Swarm+
    • Deal X damage (four different values chosen at random once the card is drawn).
    • Swarm can be a game-changer due to the damage, if only it rolls with the highest possible value. Still, its low cost means that you don’t need to worry about popping it.
  • Crack the Sky+ (Legendary/Heroic)
    • Consume all Heroism to damage random enemies several times based on how much Heroism you have; gain +1 Heroism from each KO; Exhaust.
    • This does a lot of damage due to multiple hits (dependent on your Heroism), and it restores your Heroism if you manage to kill someone, too.

Note: Legendary Cards are obtained by building the Armory and maxing out the Hunter’s Friendship Levels with another hero. This will unlock a solo puzzle encounter that you have to complete.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns best Nico Minoru build summary

  • Nico Minoru has the potential to be the strongest support character in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. The main issue, at least when comparing her to Doctor Strange, is the RNG mechanic. Doctor Strange, therefore, is significantly more consistent. You know what you’re going to get when you draw and use his cards, as opposed to Nico.
  • Pray that Blood Magic gives you the right perk depending on the character that you’ll use it on.
  • Double Up can provide a ton of cards if it rolls with the right type based on what you have in your hand.
  • Cast Witchfire only when most enemies have lowered HP so as to make the chain more reliable.
  • If all else fails, add “X effect on redraw” mods to Nico’s cards. Even if you don’t need them, you can get something whenever they’re replaced.
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Marvel’s Midnight Suns is available via Steam.

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