Marvel's Midnight Suns Scarlet Witch Best Cards Best Build Guide
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Scarlet Witch is one of the superheroes in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Using Chaos Magic, as well as some additional setup, she can devastate many foes on the battlefield. Here’s our Marvel’s Midnight Suns Scarlet Witch build guide to help you with the best cards and abilities for the character.

Note: For more information, check out our Marvel’s Midnight Suns guides and features hub. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains minor spoilers.


Marvel’s Midnight Suns best Scarlet Witch cards and build guide

Chaos Magic

Scarlet Witch joins your roster much later in the campaign (the second to the last character to do so). In fact, you might face her a few times as a recurring boss, too. Once you do have her, you’ll get to check out her capabilities, which relies primarily on her positioning and AoE fields.

  • Wrong Place, Wrong Time – Has a chance to apply a debuff to enemies near Scarlet Witch at the end of each turn.

Best Scarlet Witch Skill Cards

  • Unleashed+
    • Increase the size of abilities by 40% for two turns.
    • This is, without a doubt, the best Scarlet Witch card in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. While it doesn’t do any damage, it becomes integral since it makes her AoE field larger. Without it, her abilities will only affect fewer enemies.
  • Hex Mark+
    • Applies +3 Marked to each enemy in an area.
    • Another valuable skill since Marked enemies, once killed, are akin to Quick in that they’d refresh your Card Plays.

Best Scarlet Witch Attack Cards

  • Quick Toss+
    • Knockback in any direction; Quick.
    • This is akin to Ghost Rider’s Lash, minus the Forceful Knockback perk. At the very least, you won’t need to reposition manually just to ensure an easy Knockback KO.
  • Hex Field+
    • Damage each enemy near Scarlet Witch.
    • The problem with this spell is that Scarlet Witch needs to be repositioned to hit a cluster of foes. Ideally, you’ll want to use the movement via an attack or environmental push, as opposed to an actual move point.
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Best Scarlet Witch Heroic Cards

  • Detonate+
    • Blows up an explosive with 100% increased damage and radius; allies are immune; +1 Heroism on redraw.
    • Detonate is one of the best Scarlet Witch cards in Marvel’s Midnight Suns thanks to its unbelievable damage and AoE range. The problem is that you do need to have an explosive object on the battlefield to make use of it.
  • Chaos Reigns+
    • Select an area; enemies within this area attack each other; 50% chance for enemies to attack twice.
    • This is a great spell to use, a bit similar to the Hunter’s Mindbender or Mindbreaker, except that it affects all enemies in an area. It can even cause them to trigger some procs. The downside is that they could also end up killing minions, which can hamper any Quick + Draw setup that you’re attempting.
  • No More+ (Legendary/Heroic)
    • Consumes all HP to damage all enemies near Scarlet Witch; draw a card for each KO; Exhaust.
    • This has the potential to do a ton of damage, with the main issue being that Scarlet Witch will also die. She can, theoretically, survive if you can apply the Lifesteal effect as a mod, though it will still count as a KO. Otherwise, you’d have no choice but to revive her, which can be problematic in higher difficulties.

Note: Legendary Cards are obtained by building the Armory and maxing out the Hunter’s Friendship Levels with another hero. This will unlock a solo puzzle encounter that you have to complete.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns best Scarlet Witch build summary

  • Try to obtain Quick Toss as soon as you can, and make sure you’ve got two of the upgraded variant in your deck.
  • Unleashed needs to have a Free mod if you can get it. Otherwise, you’re wasting a Card Play just to buff Scarlet Witch’s field.
  • Hex Mark is comparable to Iron Man’s Mark Target, except you won’t need to redraw. You just need the wider field from Unleashed.
  • The Hunter’s Deadly Ground ability works with Detonate, though there might be some targeting-related bugs, too.
  • Chaos Reigns can be helpful if beefy enemies start wailing away on each other, but it can also be detrimental if you need minions for setups.
  • Since she has to reposition for certain abilities, Scarlet Witch might work best with hero cards and items that add movement points.
  • Lastly, don’t bother using No More unless it’s modded with Lifesteal, assuming you still want to make use of Scarlet Witch after that turn. She’d still get KO’d, and you may need to have her rest for a bit if she’s wounded. At the very least, you won’t waste Card Plays for the Revive action, or be prevented from reviving at higher difficulties.
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Marvel’s Midnight Suns is available via Steam.

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