Marvel's Midnight Suns How To Fix Deadpool Bug Deadpool Missing Sin Story Mission
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Wisecracking Wade Wilson might have joined your team in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, but a certain problem may arise. It can occur at the end of his story mission arc, where he’d be completely non-existent (just like his rivalry with Wolverine throughout the entire arc). I digress. Point is, you might encounter this issue, so here’s our Marvel’s Midnight Suns guide to help you fix the missing Deadpool bug after The Deadliest Sin DLC mission.

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns guide – How to fix missing Deadpool bug after DLC mission

The Deadliest Sin mission bug

The Deadpool bug in Marvel’s Midnight Suns can happen to you at the end of The Deadliest Sin mission. During the first half, you’ll battle a group of Vampyres and Hydra soldiers (who can also turn into Vampyres when KO’d). Then, in the second half, you’ll have to face Sin, the daughter of Red Skull. The map also has an object called the Magna Corrigo, which has around 800+ HP. It needs to be destroyed quickly since it can heal itself. Likewise, given that Sin is a boss, you have to deplete her HP twice.

The fight won’t be too much of a hassle, especially if you’ve already got decent cards for the Hunter and the extra teammate. But, the problem can happen once the mission is over. Once you’re back at the Abbey, you’re told to talk to Deadpool. Unfortunately, the marker is underground and you can’t see him at all (as noted in the featured image).

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The Fix

I’ve tried various methods to fix the Deadpool bug in the Marvel’s Midnight Suns DLC, such as creating a new save and loading it, as well as exiting Steam to verify the files. None of these worked.

Thankfully, a workaround was discovered by Reddit user Boringaudiophile, so big thanks to them. The user cites that they restarted the mission and avoided using Deadpool completely. That means no card usage, and probably even movement.

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It might sound tough since one teammate will be inactive. However, if you bring someone like Hulk, Doctor Strange, or Ghost Rider, then you could make do with just that character plus the Hunter.

What exactly happened when I finished this mission without using the Merc with a Mouth? Well, that fixed the Deadpool bug in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. You should find him sitting in the Abbey’s bar (the alternate seating arrangement was different, which may have caused the glitch initially). You’ll then be able to talk to him to complete the arc.

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns is available via Steam.

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