Marvel's Midnight Suns Essence Guide How To Get More Essence Attack Essence Skill Essence Heroic Essence
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Essences, similar to Blueprints, are the main materials used for card crafting and upgrades in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. There are a few ways to obtain them, so make sure you’ve always got enough for whatever you need. Here’s our Marvel’s Midnight Suns Essence guide to help you with the different methods with which you’ll acquire this important resource.

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns Essence guide – How to get more Attack, Skill, and Heroic Essence

The fastest and most direct way to get Essence in Marvel’s Midnight Suns is simply by salvaging your cards (i.e., mouse over a card and hold the “R” key). The type of card you destroy will net you the same type of Essence (i.e., Attack, Skill, or Heroic).

There are also a couple of tidbits to consider:

  • The higher the rarity, the more Essences you’ll obtain. The same is true for cards that are already upgraded versus basic ones.
  • If a card has a mod, you can remove that mod to get a small amount of Essence. Then, you’ll earn even more if you salvage the actual card.
  • Destroying your own cards is actually a given. That’s because there are several ways that you can earn them, including upgraded and modded variants, which means having more duplicates than you can count.
Marvel's Midnight Suns Essence Guide How To Get More Essence Attack Essence Skill Essence Heroic Essence 1

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Here are the other ways you can get Essence in Marvel’s Midnight Suns:

  • Mission Rewards – If you don’t want to salvage your cards, then this is your best option. When you select a mission, take note of the type of reward you’ll receive. If you see Essences, then you can choose that. Do note that rewards also have a rarity, so try to pick the epic or legendary types if you spot them.
  • Mission Caches and Interrogation – From time to time, you might see caches in missions. You can open these, and they could have Essences inside. Likewise, interrogating defeated foes may sometimes yield Essences, just like other resources.
  • Artifact Analysis – Whenever you acquire an Artifact during a mission, you can have Doctor Strange unlock it. Not only does this increase your Research level, but it also grants Essences and Blueprints.
  • Hero Requests – Teammates may sometimes have a request where the reward is a type of Essence.
  • Exploration – Roam the Abbey Grounds and you should find glowing orbs. Some Arcane Chests may also have them.
  • Cauldron Alchemy – Once you have access to Agatha’s Cauldron, you can use reagents to create a type of Essence. Alternatively, there are also recipes that let you convert one type of Essence into another.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is available via Steam.

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