Marvel's Midnight Suns Iron Man Best Cards Best Build Guide
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Captain Marvel is one of the superheroes in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. An absolute powerhouse, she can decimate an entire squad of hostiles in just a few moves. Here’s our Marvel’s Midnight Suns Captain Marvel build guide to help you with the best cards and abilities for the character.

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns best Iron Man cards and build guide

Redraw Reliance

Iron Man specializes in the redraw mechanic. While most characters will simply replace a card when they redraw, Iron Man will, instead, add a particular buff. This can be beneficial, since the boost can help turn the tide of battle. However, it can be a detriment in case you desperately need someone else’s card to pop, but all you’ve got are Iron Man’s. Essentially, that would mean his cards need two redraws if you want to get rid of them.

  • Passive: I’ll Handle This – If two Iron Man cards are played in a single turn, gain +1 redraw (limit +1 per turn).

Attack Cards

  • Quick Blast+
    • Quick; draw an Iron Man card; redraw to add Knockback.
    • This is your basic skill. It doesn’t deal a lot of damage early in the campaign, but it provides a lot of utility since you can negate the use of Card Plays and you’d receive additional cards, too.

Skill Cards

  • Mark Target+
    • Apply +2 Marked and +2 Vulnerable; redraw so nearby enemies get +2 Marked.
    • This is one of the best Iron Man cards in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. The Marked debuff makes it so that enemies that get KO’d replenish your Card Play. Since you can redraw for an AoE effect, you can have multiple hostiles negating the Card Play use when they die. Just remember to kill them one by one so as to trigger the Marked effect for each. If you use an AoE and defeat several foes, you’ll only receive one replenishment.
  • Leave It to Me+
    • Draw two Iron Man cards; +2 redraws; +2 Fast.
    • More cards and more redraws. This is an awesome pick especially if you’re setting up for Surgical Strike (more on this below).
  • New Plan+
    • Doubles your current Heroism; draw a Heroic card.
    • Another great option when you’re in a bind. Make sure you cast this when you’ve got around +3 Heroism or more.
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Heroic Cards

  • Surgical Strike+
    • Chain damage to multiple enemies depending on how many Iron Man cards you have in your hand.
    • The reason we’re building up a hand full of Iron Man cards is because of this action. You can target different enemies or the same one, easily clearing the battlefield.
  • Air Superiority+
    • Damage all enemies; redraw to add more damage.
    • This ability is powerful in its own right and is also a superb crowd-clearer. The difference is that it hits all hostiles, as opposed to the precision targeting of Surgical Strike. Sadly, if several are already Marked, you’ll only proc one Card Plays replenishment.
  • Hellfire Beam+ (Legendary/Heroic)
    • Damage each enemy in a line; redraw to add more damage; +1 redraw for each KO.
    • This is akin to the linear blast spells of other characters like Captain Marvel and Ghost Rider. The difference is that you’ll increase the damage via redraws and you receive extra redraws if you manage to drop mobs.

Note: Legendary Cards are obtained by building the Armory and maxing out the Hunter’s Friendship Levels with another hero. This will unlock a solo puzzle encounter that you have to complete.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns best Iron Man build summary

  • Everyone knows Tony Stark is narcissistic and full of himself, and his playstyle reflects that. You’re going to need a bunch of his cards to set up the multi-hit devastation from Surgical Strike. This implies a mismatch when you’ve got teammates that also rely heavily on card build-up (i.e., Captain Marvel).
  • Use all available options to obtain more Iron Man cards (i.e., Leave It to Me and Quick Blast). Similarly, heroes that provide extra cards/redraws and buffs (i.e., Doctor Strange and Nico Minoru) are great support teammates.
  • Take out each enemy one by one if they’re debuffed by Mark Target so every kill replenishes a Card Play.
  • Air Superiority is good, but being able to unload six or more beams into the face of a boss via Surgical Strike is the way to go.
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Marvel’s Midnight Suns is available via Steam.

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