Multiversus Marvin The Martian Promo Art

Warner Bros.’s crossover platform fighter MultiVersus may have enjoyed nearly unprecedented levels of success when it first came out, but that popularity has noticeably declined in recent months. The game has not turned into a flop by any means, as it still receives around 3,000 concurrent players on a regular basis. But when compared to the game’s average of nearly 67,000 concurrent players back in June, it becomes clear that many have moved on from MultiVersus for one reason or another, at least when it comes to the Steam version. However, this does not mean that those still interested in MultiVersus have little to get excited about, as the developer just kicked off the game’s major Season 2 content with the release of Marvin the Martian.

A few days before the release of this iconic Looney Tunes character, the developers unveiled a brief reveal trailer for fans to watch. Containing no gameplay, this trailer mostly depicts several planets in the solar system zooming by as “Waltz of the Flowers” from The Nutcracker plays in the background. Once the camera stops at Earth, an enormous flag with an M on it plants itself down as Marvin the Martian gloats offscreen.

How does Marvin play?

Since Marvin falls into the Assassin class, he cannot take much punishment before getting KO’ed. Having said that, he makes up for it with his speed and bizarre special moves, which see him firing slow bubble projectiles and even manipulating the projectiles of his opponents. Additionally, he boasts a ground pound-esque move called “In the Name of Mars” that involves him planting a flag to launch opponents.

If they wish, players can purchase Marvin the Martian in MultiVersus by spending 700 Gleamium. Unfortunately, you can only obtain this currency by forking over real-world money, so players can instead grind for 3,000 Gold and spend it to avoid the microtransactions altogether.

Daniel Pinheiro
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