Mass Effect 2 will be “a great experience” for shooter fans, says Bioware’s Ray Muzyka.Speaking to IGN, Muzyka talked a little bit about Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2, and responded candidly to a question about what improvements the sequel will contain over its predecessor.”There’s a few bigger buckets of things we’re working on,” said Muzyka. “One of them is the intensity of the action, amping that up so people will see this as a shooter RPG… It’s going to feel like shooter fans are going to have a great experience.”Interactions are being worked on, too, with Bioware “kind of grabbing control of them more,” though we shouldn’t expect to hear more about this until later this year.As for exploration? “We’re still trying to tighten up that experience. It’s still optional and there’s still uncharted worlds that’ll be optional, but we want every single one of them to feel like they’re adding something important to the main storyline.”We can’t wait to play, but unfortunately, we have to. We doubt we’ll be seeing Mass Effect 2 in shops until late this year at the earliest, and if we’re honest, we suspect it’ll be 2010.

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