Masters Of Doom

“Masters Of Doom” coming to a TV near you

When id Software said that this would be the year of Doom, they weren’t kidding. In exciting news this week, it’s been revealed that USA Network has requested a pilot episode for a television adaptation of Masters Of Doom. This novel, released in 2003, chronicles the journey of two revolutionary gaming giants, John Romero and John Carmack. This digitally-dynamic duo co-founded id Software and would go on to develop some of the most iconic titles in PC gaming history.

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From Doom and Doom II to Wolfenstein 3D and Quake, Romero and Carmack influence the gaming world to this day, with many of their franchises still going strong. Doom Eternal could break all kinds of records this year, and Quake Champions has an extremely healthy competitive gaming scene. Now they’ll have a television series based on their rise to international success. Not only that, producing it is none other than James and Dave Franco’s Ramona Films.

Doom Ii Hell On Earth Screen

The legendary origin story of Doom is coming to your TV screens!

Starting from humble beginnings

The series is set to be the first installment in a full anthology. This anthology will chronicle historical moments in video gaming history. Masters Of Doom will begin right at the start, with Romero and Carmack developing the relatively unknown Commander Keen, a side-scrolling adventure game based on an eight-year-old boy saving the galaxy from alien threats.

From there, the show follows them as they change the face of computer gaming forever, with the invention of the deathmatch by Doom to breaking serious ground with the revolutionary Quake. It will also showcase the conflict between these two geniuses, how the team grew to become bitter rivals, and John Romero’s eventual termination from id Software.

James Franco, Dave Franco

James and Dave Franco are on board as executive producers, with their company Ramona Films producing the show.

James and Dave Franco producing Masters Of Doom, and more!

Having big names such as James and Dave Franco attached to the project sounds promising. However, that isn’t the only big deal jumping at the chance to produce this inspirational video game tale. Tom Bissell, who co-authored the book “The Disaster Artist,” is also on board as executive producer and writers for the series. Franco starred as Tommy Wiseau in the film adaptation of that novel, which follows the production of one of the worst films in cinematic history. Bissell has contributed to a significant number of video game projects as well. He has written for Uncharted as well as Battlefield.

The dates for Masters Of Doom are yet to be announced, but it’s already generating hype the world over. The story of Romero and Carmack is one which is nearly tailor-made for television. From their successes to their struggles to their conflicts, this series will surely attract existing fans and make a generation of new ones for years to come. Speculation has already begun regarding casting decisions for the two Johns. Whoever makes the cut, they will undoubtedly be several big names at day’s end.

Are you looking forward to Masters Of Doom? Who do you think should play John Romero and John Carmack? Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

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