Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update VIII will launch next week

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Asobo has confirmed that Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update VIII is on track to hit its launch target of March 22. This next update overhauls the scenery of the Iberian Peninsula, the most western region of Europe containing Spain and Portugal.

As is the case with all World Updates for the sim, it will contain new photogrammetry data that alters many major cities, giving them accurate 3D renders of their scenery. Along with that, elevation data is getting enhanced, and satellite data will soon have, more recent imagery.


A new coat of paint

Of course, there will also be enhanced airports and new Points of Interest that are to be properly modeled in 3D. This includes various landmarks like bridges, stadiums and monuments, and natural features like hillsides.

Just as the Iberia map expansion for Euro Truck Simulator 2 provided a gorgeous ground-based rendition of the peninsula, Microsoft Flight Simulator is sure to provide impressive bird’s-eye views of this region. Iberia is filled with a lot of gorgeous scenery. Iit will be nice to see exactly how much Asobo has done to recreate it.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Pc Peru Desert Top Down

And a new toy, too

Alongside Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update VIII, Asobo will also launch the third addition of its Local Legends add-on aircraft series: the Dornier Do J. Dubbed the “flying boat,” it’s quite a unique aircraft. Various enhancements were made to the sim back in 2021 for better integration of seaplanes like the Icon A5. The Dornier Do J should function quite nicely, considering it’s only capable of taking off from and landing on bodies of water.

There are other enhancements coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator later down the line. The list includes improved AI traffic, better replay functionality and full helicopter support, just to name a few. New updates are scheduled to come gradually throughout the rest of 2022.

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