Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor – 10 Characters Who Must Cameo

You could easily write a Lord of the Rings length book that explored why Tolkien’s Middle Earth stories are so beloved and have endured for so long. Not only was he a skilled writer but his imagination and (at the time) redefining of the fantasy genre have made his books into absolute classics. Perhaps one aspect of the series that fans adore so much are the characters that inhabit Middle Earth. You could be from any background and still find at least one character you can relate to whether it’s the noble Aragorn, the loyal Gimli, or the innocent Hobbits.

We’re all hugely excited by the upcoming game Shadow of Mordor and we can’t wait to explore Monolith’s story set in between the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Given that many races in Middle Earth tend to have quite lengthy life spans, many characters we know and love from Tolkien’s books will be alive during the events of Monolith’s game. With that in mind, wouldn’t it be great if some of our favourite characters made an appearance of some sort in Shadow of Mordor?

In this article published by What Culture and written by Mark Bradley, you can read his list of 10 Tolkien characters who could and should make an appearance in the upcoming game. How cool would it be to encounter a young Aragorn on your travels, or bump into Gandalf as you hunt for Orcs? You can read the article HERE.

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