Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor AMA reveals a few PC details

middle-earth shadow of mordor
Doing faith healing at 100 fps.

A pair of staff from the Monolith team working on Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor were on Reddit today, answering a few questions from the general public. Some of those questions pertained to the PC version and many of them were dodged, but a couple were answered by director of design Mike de Planter.

Probably the most substantial response was regarding the Shadow of Mordor frame-rate. According to de Planter, this will be capped at 100 due to “internal engine settings.” That shouldn’t be too much of a problem unless you have some pretty mighty hardware and a 120hz monitor.

Apparently there will be a live stream of the PC version during Nvidia’s 24 hour game stream event at 3pm US Pacific time on 19 September. That should be 11pm UK time. This, de Planter says, will give people a look at the sort of graphics options in the game (mostly Nvidia-specific ones, you’d assume.)

Aside from that information, most of the answers were vague reassurances that Monolith are “are all huge PC fans” and that PC is one of the main development platforms for Shadow of Mordor. It is, Monolith insist, not a port.

The game will be released for the PC on 30 September. Sadly, according to RPS there won’t be any pre-release PC review code sent out. Which is a bit crap, frankly.

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