Mighty Goose Release Date

Geese are really moving up in the world. Not content with a simple simulator, our winged friends are about to get Mighty as well. The run n’ gun genre is full of some beefy classics. Contra. Metal Slug. That arcade game with the cartoon cows. But now a goose is going to get a taste of the carnage. Mighty Goose is a game in the style of those, but with a goose instead of a ripped, angry guy. Not only is the game coming to consoles and PC, it’s going to honk its way into our lives very soon.

Mighty Goose is set to release on June 5, meaning that we’ll be able to take part in the game’s colorful, ridiculous action in just a few short weeks. The game puts you in the bill of the titular titan, a bounty hunter renowned across the entire galaxy. Bucky O’Hare eat your heart out. You’ll join him as he blasts his way through a bunch of challenging side-scrolling levels in classic arcade style. With a bunch of weapons and vehicles at his disposal, the game appears to have a good amount of variety up its sleeve. And who doesn’t want to blow things up as a goose?


Mighty Goose release date

If you want to get a quick look at Mighty Goose, check out the trailer below. In it, you can bear witness to the high-octane shoot-em-up action for yourself. Enemies even drop coins. I love it when you riddle an opponent with bullets and they have the decency to drop unscathed change. It’s perfect for hitting up an arcade after. Mighty Goose can be added to your wishlist on Steam, so go ahead and do that if you want to grab it when it’s time to do what’s good for the gander.

Andrew Farrell
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