Minecraft Dungeons Dlc

Minecraft Dungeons will get a new DLC pack on September 8. The Creeping Winter DLC will be action packed with new missions, enemies, and loot. This is the second DLC that has been released for Minecraft Dungeons. A Mojang blog post confirming the announcement is scarce on details. However, it does also confirm further content that will be released on the same day. Also, this includes a free game update and a physical version of Minecraft Dungeons.

A wintry Minecraft Dungeons DLC experience

The winter themed DLC requires you to combat a wintry storm. Taking on the new missions and enemies will allow you to stop it from destruction. Also, you will acquire new armor, weapons, and artifacts along your journey.

The free game update will be rolled out on September 8. Minecraft Dungeons fans will have access to new merchants and daily trails. By saving captured merchants along your journey they will set up a shop in your camp. These merchants can be leveled up to increase their stock. In addition, the blacksmith will upgrade items for you that you can trade with other players if you wish. All players will receive a new Daily Trials mode. The Daily Trials will bring “wild changes to the game mechanics which provide difficult, experimental or fun challenges for you to overcome.”

Creeping Winter Dlc

The third and final announcement for September 8 is that the game will be available in a physical format. The physical version will be the hero edition, which includes the Jungle Awakens DLC and the Creeping Winter DLC.

There is no doubt that September 8 will be an action-packed day for Minecraft Dungeons fans. The purpose of the new content appears to be challenging and enjoyable at the same time. As the last DLC was released on July 1, it will be interesting to see what other content will be released in the future.

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