Mojang First DLC For Minecraft Dungeons Coming In July With Jungle Awakens (3)

Get ready to get hot and humid in Mojang Studio’s Minecraft Dungeons this week. The Jungle Awakens DLC arrives on July 1, and it will add new gear and items plus new enemies to defeat. In addition to Jungle Awakens, the game will receive a free content update that adds the Lost Temple dungeon. This will also make some game balancing changes and add new items.

Minecraft Dungeons Jungle Awakens

The Jungle Awakens expansion has pandas

The Jungle Awakens will add three new story missions and includes new weapons, armor, artifacts, and enemies to the game. Watch out for the Leapleaf and the Whisperer mobs, but be extra careful around the Jungle Abomination boss. Fortunately, the developers also added some friendly pandas to help deal with any post-boss fight stress.

Players will need to own the $10 Hero Pass to enjoy the Jungle Awakens DLC. Of course, anyone who purchased the $30 Hero Edition of the game will be good to go. That edition includes the Hero Pass, which means Jungle Awakens will automatically download when it becomes available. Fortunately, this is only the first of two planned DLCs for Minecraft Dungeons, so the Hero Pass will get you the next expansion as well.

Minecraft Dungeons Jungle Awakens Character Options

Mojang also mentioned the release of the Dungeons soundtrack if anyone is looking to have some Minecraft music on demand.

Minecraft Dungeons released back in May, and we gave it a generally favorable review. We praised the game for its charm and enjoyable co-op, despite it being something of a short experience. The upcoming content should help with that issue, though, and the developers plan to add crossplay support.

Minecraft has made a lot of headlines recently, from releasing The Nether update to getting inducted into the Video Games Hall of Fame. It’s been a good year for Mojang Studios, and there are sure to be many more.

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