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Around a month ago, Minecraft fans collaborated to successfully find the title screen seed. Now, Minecraft players have been able to find the iconic pack.png seed. The majority of fans will recognize the image as it can be seen in two places in the game. It is the image used for the icon for the default resource pack and it is used on the server selection screen. The image is black and white until the host selects an icon for the server.

The search for pack.png was started by Minecraft Youtuber SalC1. One of the findings was that the Minecraft pack.png screen was in fact added to the game with the launch of the alpha version 1.2.2. This version of the game was launched in the year 2010. As the original image is only 128 x 128 pixels in size, Minecraft fans worked to recreate the image, block by block, in an attempt to upscale the image. Eventually, this was a success and the larger image helped in working out where each block should be placed. Following this, the main focus of the image was the clouds and waterfall texture which helped to narrow down the search.

Minecraft pack.png

Visit the pack.png seed for yourself

The search finally came to an end when SalC1 confirmed that the seed was real. Also, a statement was posted on a Mincraft pack.png website that thanked all of the contributors. In addition, there is a video showing players approaching the iconic hill. If you would like to explore the pack.png for yourself, the seed is 3257840388504953787. The coordinates for the seed are x=49 and z=0. There is no doubt that the pack.png seed will now be extremely popular.

The Minecraft community has once again found success in finding the most iconic seeds. It will be interesting to see what challenge Minecraft fans will take on next.

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