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Modern Warfare 3’s New Royalty Tiger camo costs an insane amount and fans aren’t happy

It's how much?!?!?!

Modern Warfare 3 is an expensive game no matter what edition you get. Even with what’s in the game, the price tag is outrageous. The craziness doesn’t stop there. Now there’s a wildly expensive camo that’s leaving fans in disbelief.

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Fans are justly getting upset at the crazy expensive Royalty Tiger camo

Look, I’ll buy digital content. I just prefer it to be worthwhile, in terms of time and money. Sometimes it is, other times it can be hard to defend. Buying the new Royalty Tiger camo in MW3 seems like it like a bad idea.

First, it’s 60 bucks. Yes, It’s almost as much a full game. Second, it can’t be unlocked. You have to buy it as a bundle for the Taskforce 141 Slingbag. Once you have it, you’ll get a code to enter. At the time of writing, the sling bag in question is out of stock, so you’re going to have to wait if you want one. On top of that, the price doesn’t seem to include shipping and handling, so it could be more expensive when you checkout. However, I can offer some suggestions on how to spend that cash such as a different, better video game, or, like, seven really good sandwiches. Literally anything else other than a camo.

Cod Sling Bag
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To be fair, the camo itself looks snazzy. It’s animated, so that’s nice — but you won’t catch me paying 60 USD (70 CAD for me) for it. I think this feat makes the camo the most expensive item Call of Duty has ever had. So it has that going for it. 

Having such a steep price for one of the cooler-looking camos is criminal. Activision, if you’re reading this, please at some point, make it free or unlockable. 

How to redeem the code?

If you’re willing to part with 60 USD and buy the bag, you should get a code emailed to you. Once you have it, head to the CoD redeem page. You’ll need to sign in first. After you do that, enter the code and it’ll activate. From here, head back into MW3 while being signed in to the account you entered the code in. Finally, the camo will be available to use in the customization section within the Gunsmith. 

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