Modern Warfare Zombies Shepherd guide: How to successfully test the Neutralizer

Modern Warfare Zombies How To Complete Sheperd Mission
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The Shepherd mission is the most difficult mission so far in Modern Warfare Zombies. It’s similar to the Act One Story Mission called Extraction, but it’s much harder.

If you can, I highly recommend you bring a squad as I tried completing this mission twice solo and I lost a lot of my resources doing so. However, if you have two Pack-a-Punched weapons, a Sentry Gun, Decoy Grenades, a Self-Revive, a 3-Plate Armor Vest, and the Energy Mine Field Upgrade, you can complete the Shepherd mission in MWZ.

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How to deploy to Neutralizer Test Site in Modern Warfare Zombies

Modern Warfare Zombies Neautralizer Test Site Exfil
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When you think you are ready for the Shepherd mission, use the Neutralizer Test Site exfil. This works just like the Extraction mission exfil point.

Modern Warfare Zombies Neutralizer Test Site Location
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The location for the Shepherd mission exfil changes per match. Open your tac-map and ping it. Just make sure it’s the Shepherd exfil and not the Extraction exfil.

How to successfully test the Neutralizer in Modern Warfare Zombies

Modern Warfare Zombies Launch Into Neutralizer Test Site
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After launching into the Shepherd mission, your first objective is to destroy the SAM Sites. After that, you need to defeat a horde of zombies and then start and escort the ACV making sure its health doesn’t drop to 0%. Finally, you need to activate the ACV, defend it for about a minute, and then launch the Neutralizer to finish the Shepherd mission. Easy, right? I wish.

How to destroy the SAM Sites in Shepherd mission

Modern Warfare Zombies Ascend To Destroy Sam Sites Sheperd Mission
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Right when you get on the beach, you’ll be tasked to destroy the SAM Sites on the roof. There are mercenaries and snipers everywhere. I highly recommend taking out the snipers on the left and right because they can one-shot you.

After dealing with the snipers and most of the mercenaries, I recommend going to the Buy Station right in front of the building and buying a ton of shields. Also, hopefully, you already did this because it’s too late now, but having Jugger-nog and Quick Revive is almost essential in this mission.

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Modern Warfare Zombies Destroy The Sam Sites Sheperd Mission
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Once you are ready, head up the building by ascending on the right exterior side of the building and then again up the exterior of the building. This will get you the closest to the SAM Sites. Once you’re on the roof, clear out the mercenaries and snipers. With that done, plant the two bombs on the SAM Sites and proceed with the mission.

How to escort the ACV in Shepherd mission

Modern Warfare Zombies Escort The Acv
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Next, you need to go southeast to the red flare in the sky. I recommend staying on a rooftop first because you’ll need to clear out a horde of zombies and a couple of mercenaries. Doing this from a rooftop for as long as you can will help you stay alive for longer.

Once all the zombies and mercenaries are cleared away, start the ACV. From here on out, you need to defend the ACV and make sure its health doesn’t drop down to 0%. I highly recommend using an ammo station before starting this part because you’ll need to stay glued to the ACV to keep it alive.

Stay on top of the ACV as it moves to its destination, which is too far in my opinion. Use your Energy Mine Field Upgrade to quickly eliminate the horde of zombies behind the ACV. When you round the big building in the middle, make sure to focus on the mercenaries because, if ignored, they will down you.

How to defend the Neutralizer in Shepherd mission

Modern Warfare Zombies Hordes Of Zombies Sheperd Mission
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Once the ACV has finally made it to the middle of the field, you need to activate and defend it. While you may have thought the hard part was over, you’re wrong because a giant three-headed zombie is here to attack you. The good news is you don’t need to defeat it. All you need to do is wait about a minute, making sure the ACV doesn’t get destroyed, and then you can activate the Neutralizer which finishes the mission.

This is the time when it’s extremely helpful to have Decoy Grenades or Cymbal Monkeys to distract the zombies from attacking the ACV while you run away and avoid taking damage. Also, squad mates help out a lot here. If you survive the onslaught and activate the Neutralizer, the mission will end and you’ll get the cutscene. Well done!

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