Where Peter Molyneux goes, a trail of broken dreams follow. So many promises, so many let downs.
This time, however, Molyneux has said that himself that Fable III was a let down. Worse, that it was a “failure”.
“I take this as a personal failure. And it is a personal failure,” he said. “Not being persuasive enough that Fable III needed more time. That’s purely and utterly my fault. It’s me not being clear enough about it.
“As a creative director you always have to be clear about why you need time. Any publisher in my experience over the years, they don’t want to give you more time. Of course they don’t, because it means more money. But they equally don’t want you to make a mistake with the product.”
Molyneux goes on to talk about the fact that publishers usually don’t understand why a game might need time development time, and that it’s people let him that need to make them understand.
I didn’t think Fable III was all that bad in my original review.
Source: Eurogamer

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