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The glorious VR puzzle game Moss made waves in the VR gaming community, and as with any successful outing in the industry, it’s getting a sequel. Unfortunately, fans of the original game weren’t able to take a stab at the second game, as Moss: Book II was originally a PSVR exclusive. Those days are over, however, as Moss: Book II is heading to the Meta Quest 2.

This announcement came during today’s UploadVR Summer Showcase, and it opens up a new door for players to experience this mossy universe. Moss: Book II will release on July 21 for the Meta Quest 2. It’s one title you should not miss if you’re a VR owner. And with its summer release date, fans won’t have to wait much longer for this puzzling, charming adventure.


Moss: Book II comes to the Meta Quest

Developers were keen on bringing this game to a new platform, with a process ensuring the release would be more than a simple, lazy port.

“For this release, we didn’t just want to get Book II running on Quest 2 and call it a day, so we took our time diligently balancing all aspects of the game, across graphics and gameplay, with the end goal being a truly memorable experience,” said Tyler Walters, technical artist at Polyarc. “Throughout this process, we were regularly excited by the level of fidelity we were able to achieve on Quest 2, often finding ways to make the game look and play better than ever.”

Music is a big part of the game, and fans can also pre-order the Moss: Book II official soundtrack composed by Jason Graves. Moss: Book II takes place right after the original story, and you might miss some context if you haven’t played the original game. Fortunately, Moss is available to play on the Meta Quest, so don’t hesitate in trying it out if you’re interested.

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