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1000 couch co-op jokes later.

Packing up your home and moving to a new one is one of the most unenjoyable things adults have to do. The entire process is stressful, physically exhausting, and inevitably something gets broken. However, if you remove the stress of keeping all your belongings in one piece, you can have some fun with it. That’s what Moving Out, the latest free title on the Epic Games Store, is all about.

The physics-based couch co-op charges you with moving people’s belongings around the town of Packmore. You work for Smooth Moves, a company that prides itself on speed. And that’s about it. You can smash windows, break down doors, toss fragile objects out the back of your moving van, and do more insane things you’d never want your real-life movers to do.


Time is money

You can play Moving Out with up to four players for maximum chaos. There’s a story mode for you to enjoy. It has an adjustable difficulty setting, which you can take advantage of if the stress of moving is too much for you.

Your career as a Furniture Arrangement & Relocation Technician will begin with some simple jobs. But as your reputation grows, you’ll leave the suburbs behind and venture into more complex and often bizarre scenarios. You’ll be the lucky lads and lasses who get to move stuff out of a haunted house. You’ll even step into the world of virtual reality for some jobs.


But the moving madness doesn’t stop there. You can check out our review of Moving Out for a more hands-on point of view. Since the Epic Games Store is handing it out for free, there’s really no reason not to pack Moving Out into your ever-expanding horde of games.

If you check back on the Epic Games Store tomorrow at 11 AM EST, another mystery game will be given away for free. That’s the same time Moving Out will become unavailable as a free game.

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