MultiVersus Season 1 patch brings down the nerf hammer on Bugs, Iron Giant, and Finn

Multiversus Taz Nerf Bugs Bunny season one patch nerfs morty release date

The first patch for MultiVersus Season 1 is out today, and it pretty much affects every character in the game. Perhaps after today no one will complain about the dominance of Bugs Bunny or The Iron Giant. But game balance is a tricky thing, so we’ll have to wait and see how the alterations pan out. For fans of Bugs, The Iron Giant, or Finn, sorry, today’s MultiVersus Season 1 patch nerfs your favorite fighters back down the the earth. In some good news, however, the patch confirms the release date for Morty Smith.

MultiVersus players online were likely looking forward to today’s patch. All modern fighting games tend to have one overpowered character or another. In the terms of MultiVersus, there have been a few. Bugs was already in developer Player First Games’ crosshairs. He’s getting a whopping eight abilities nerfed. His Air Up Special has been tweaked to remove an exploit, the Air Side Attack gets its whiff recovery increased by five frames. The pie he throws no longer slows opponents, and its lifetime was changed from “infinite” to a mere eight seconds.


His fellows, Finn and The Iron Giant, also got it rough. For the big, metal boy, the MultiVersus patch nerfs just about every move in Season 1. His Air Up Attack now can no longer hit the same opponent multiple times, for example. He got a couple of changes, too, such as tweaks for the special effects tied to his moves. Finn manage to get two buffs, one for his Air Down Special and another for the On The House perk, but his other abilities ranging from his passive to his Ground Down Attack have been nerfed.

Multiversus Open Beta 2 season one patch nerfs

No longer super, man?

MultiVersus patch: Morty release date and more nerfs

The MultiVersus patch is certainly tough, but not without mercy. Arya was given a load of buffs today, and her Air/Ground Neutral Special has been fixed. Batman walked out with two nerfs, while Harley’s Stuffie Bat bomb’s radius was decreased. She also gained a bit of weight. Taz, on the other hand, is getting some major changes to his Tornado move starting with today’s patch.

Beyond that, the patch notes do confirm free character rotations and the release date for Morty (at last). The squeaky-voiced teen will join the cast on August 23, wielding what else but a Plumbus weapon. I mean, what even is that? Did we ever find out? All I know is that I want one.

The patch notes are lengthy, so be sure to look through them closely to see how it effects your favorite characters.

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