Bugs Bunny is getting nerfed in an upcoming MultiVersus update

Multiversus Bugs Bunny Nerf

Tony Huyhn, the MultiVersus game director, has updated players on an upcoming nerf for Bugs Bunny. In a reply on Twitter, he stated: “Nerfs inc after EVO, but Bugs Bunny will always be fun.” This came in response to a player posting an image of the character being only 2,000 gold, the in-game currency for MultiVersus.

MultiVersus recently went into an open beta, and the player count has been over 100,000 concurrent players since. Many players have said that Bugs Bunny’s kit is a bit overpowered, and he needs a nerf. His side special shoots out two rockets with a very high knockback. The hitbox for Bugs’ launcher attack was a bit large as well, allowing him to hit characters on either side. A change to his up attack was implemented, but Bugs still needs a nerf according to the MultiVersus subreddit.


Nerfs abound for MultiVersus

MultiVersus experienced a larger patch this past week, as the new character Lebron James was added to the roster on Monday. There were nerfs for the new character Iron Giant, as well as Taz the Tazmanian Devil. Iron Giant’s down special would hit more times than intended, for example. This caused increasing knockback and the ability to stun-lock characters. Taz’s nerf came after players on the subreddit came to the consensus that his tornado move was too powerful. It presented a non-apparent skill check, and the hitbox was unclear.Bugs Bunny Nerf

Now that Player First Games has addressed the more egregious bugs/imbalance, it is time for Bugs to get his nerf. Most likely, the nerf will address the side special ability, as that’s what players complain about the most. Thankfully, players will be able to use the un-tuned version of Bugs until at least August 7, the last date of EVO 2022.

If you are interested in MultiVersus, you can download it from Steam or the Epic Games Store.

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