Mx Vs Atv Legends Announced

The most extreme title announced during the THQ Nordic 10th Anniversary Showcase has to be MX vs ATV Legends. Unfortunately, the announcement had very little to show by way of gameplay. The trailer is just a few slow-motion shots of the various vehicles tearing up the terrain.

As the name suggests, MX vs ATV Legends will let you live out your dream of becoming an extreme off-road rider. You’ll be able to test your skills on motorbikes, ATVs, and UTVs. For those who aren’t familiar with all the off-roading acronyms, those are all-terrain and utility terrain vehicles. And MX stands for motocross. I promise I didn’t need to look those up to make sure.


Take it to the dirt-covered streets

There will be two modes for you to enjoy — a career mode and a brand-new Trails mode. Career mode is where you get to experience what it’s like to go from zero to legendary hero. Your choices will take you down different paths, lead to different sponsorship deals, and get you invited to special events. As for the Trails mode, this is where you go for some serious challenges. It’s described as “high-intensity racing, with new surprises around every turn.”

Along with improving your riding skills, MX vs ATV Legends will also give you ways to improve your rides and rider. You’ll earn new parts for your various vehicles from the best manufacturers around. Plus, you’ll be given some swag to kit out your character.

MX vs ATV Legends uses a refined physics system. So, you’ll be able to ride berms, hit kickers, and roll to victory like never before. It also offers a two-player split-screen and a 16-player online mode.

MX vs ATV Legends has no release date yet. But you can add it to your Steam wishlist if you want to keep track of its progress.

If you’d like to try some extreme sports without engines, you should check out Riders Republic when it launches on October 28. For now, you can check out my preview from the beta.

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