My Friend Pedro Yellow Update

If you read our review of My Friend Pedro, then you know what kind of chaotic bullet-shooting experience awaits you. Devolver Digital’s game is nothing short of manic — and a little bit majestic. And today, it’s going even further with a new update, aptly named Code Yellow.

With this update, players can check out 14 different modifiers now available. These will mix up the gameplay experience in a number of fun ways.

What’s included?

My Friend Pedro‘s new modifiers include being able to adjust the size of the player, as well as an in-game timer for those that want to test their speedrunning skills. There’s also a Cinematic Camera – to show off your best moves – and Unlimited Slow-Mo. While that last one sounds like a bit of a cheat, it’s handy when it comes to survival. You can even adjust your focus speed, in case you want to go for headshots throughout. (And who doesn’t?)

The trailer above provides a recap of much of what is included with the update. And it does so in the best way possible, with a flash of gameplay for each feature.

To celebrate the release of the new Code Yellow pack, Devolver Digital has slashed the price of My Friend Pedro. For a limited time, you can buy the game on Steam for just $13.99. If you’re a fan of the soundtrack, you can also get a two-pack with it and the game for just under $20 (it’s on sale for Nintendo Switch as well, if you want to go after that version). These low prices won’t last, so be sure to pick up Pedro when you get a chance. Fans of shooters and bananas will happily thank you.

These bullets won’t shoot themselves, so what are you waiting for?! Check out My Friend Pedro now for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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