Naraka Bladepoint Currency And Rewards Guide

Naraka Bladepoint: Currency and rewards guide – fill your pockets

There are a lot of currencies to spend and rewards to earn.
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Naraka: Bladepoint has an excellent system for rewarding players who invest time into the game. You can earn numerous currencies, cosmetics, and skills just by playing. The only problem is that Naraka: Bladepoint has so many ways to acquire currency and rewards, that you’re going to need a guide to help you find your way.

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I’ll run you through the different currencies and tell you all the ways you can acquire them. I’ll also help you decide what to spend them on.


If there’s only one thing you remember from this guide, it should be this: to get the most rewards as quickly as possible, you should use all the characters and weapons. If you do that, as well as complete the daily quests, you’ll unlock plenty of the various currencies and rewards simply by playing the game.

The Tidal battle pass is an excellent source for cosmetics if that is your main desire. You can purchase the premium track to earn even more cosmetics, as well as a bunch of in-game currencies.

Naraka Bladepoint Tidal Battle Pass

How to earn Tae in Naraka: Bladepoint

Tae is the most common currency in the game. It is the standard in-game coin you use to purchase skins, accessories, and all manner of cosmetics, including a limited number of Immortal Treasures from the store. Tae is also the currency you use to upgrade your Glyphs in Naraka: Bladepoint. If you want to get more powerful instead of look fancier, you should spend your Tae on empowering those instead of purchasing cosmetics.

You don’t need to spend your hard-earned cash to obtain Tae. There are numerous ways to earn the currency by playing the game. The simplest is to level up your account. Playing the game earns you experience, which will raise your level. Each level you climb will reward you with a handful of Tae.

Until August 26, you can earn Tae and battle pass experience by completing the Journey’s Dawn challenges. All you need to do is use certain characters, weapons, and actions each day to complete the challenges and you’ll get the rewards. You can also unlock cosmetics, emotes, and treasures this way. So, make sure you’re checking the Journey’s Dawn tab daily.

Naraka Bladepoint Journeys Dawn

Journey’s Dawn challenges for Day 6.

Each hero has their own reward track, called Cultivation, that can earn you some Tae. The track is tiered, and you need to complete all the Cultivation Quests on one level before you can access the next. The Cultivation Quests are simple, requiring you to use abilities, defeat foes, or something of that nature. They are also what reward you with Tae. Completing an entire tier will earn you an Immortal Treasure.

Naraka Bladepoint Cultivation Quests

Tier 3 Cultivation Quests.

You can also earn Tae currency as a reward for using the various weapons of Naraka: Bladepoint. This is called Weapon Proficiency, and it can be increased up to level 25. You will earn Tae for each level you achieve. However, at every fifth level, you will receive a treasure or cosmetic reward instead.

Weapons Reward Track To Earn Tae

This is what the weapons reward tracks look like.

If you enjoy Twitch, you can earn Power Chests by watching select streamers for a limited time. These chests will reward you with Tae or Spectral Silk – the next currency we will discuss.

You can also earn Tae or Spectral Silk by completing the Daruma Hunt in the waiting area before a match begins. There are six Blessed Darumas lying around in the area and anyone in the lobby can pick them up. If you manage to get all six, the whole lobby will get a chest that drops either of the currencies.

Blessed Daruma Hunt

These are the curios you are looking for.

How to earn Spectral Silk in Naraka: Bladepoint

Other than with Power Chests from Twitch, the most common way to earn Spectral Silk is by acquiring duplicate cosmetics. These will be automatically deconstructed into Spectral Silk. Your other main source of Spectral Silk will be from the Tidal battle pass. Both the free and paid track have plenty for you to unlock. Completing Day 8 of Journey’s Dawn will also reward you with 800 Spectral Silk.

Spectral Silk has its own tab in the Naraka: Bladepoint store, and the only things you can purchase with the currency are cosmetics. Prices range from as low as 1,200 Spectral Silk to as high as 98,000 for the most valuable items. It’s up to you to decide what you want to spend your Silk on. Since every character can wield all the weapons, I suggest starting with with unlocking more for your armory. There are some very unique weapons for 5,000 and 6,000 Spectral Silk.

Naraka Bladepoint Spectral Silk

Finding Hidden Coins

If there is one currency you really struggle to work out what to do with in Naraka: Bladepoint, it will be this one. Hidden Coins are used to help you make your way through the battle pass. So, unsurprisingly, you can acquire these coins from the Tidal battle pass. They’re the currency you can use to bet on yourself before a match. Both the free and paid tracks reward players with Hidden Coins.

Naraka Bladepoint Hidden Coins

Here is the screen you’re looking for to spend Hidden Coins.

Once you’ve joined a match and selected your starting location, you will be presented with two challenge options for that match. One will cost one Hidden Coin, the other will cost three. Completing these mini challenges will reward you with experience for your battle pass. That’s it. So, don’t save the coins for something special; use them to get more Tidal rewards.

For those with healthy bank balances

Gold is the currency you can use real-world cash to purchase. You need this currency to unlock the paid path of Naraka: Bladepoint’s battle pass, the Tidal Advanced Hidden Treasure. You can also use Gold to unlock cosmetics for weapons and characters. Other than purchasing Gold, there is currently only one way to earn the currency in the game, and that’s through the paid battle pass track. You can earn up to 1,280 Gold if you complete the pass, which costs 1,360 Gold. So, you’ll get almost all of your cash back. However, you can’t purchase the exact amount of Gold you need to unlock the premium pass. You either need to purchase 1,200 Gold and top it off with the 240 Gold option, or you can purchase the 3,000 Gold option, which includes an Immortal Treasure.

Those are all the ways to earn currency and rewards in Naraka: Bladepoint. If you need some help finding your feet in matches, you can check out my beginner’s guide for the new ninja battle royale.

Naraka: Bladepoint is available for PC through Steam or the Epic Games Store.

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