NBA Playgrounds is the latest Roblox collaboration with the NBA

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Image via Saber Interactive

NBA Playgrounds is the result of Roblox’s latest collaboration – this time with the NBA. For fans of basketball games, you may want to add this to your list.

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NBA Playgrounds takes a different basketball angle

Today, Saber Interactive has released NBA Playgrounds, an arcade basketball game in collaboration with the NBA. If you’re expecting a serious experience faithful to that of real NBA games, then you may be disappointed. But I’d still suggest you check it out, as it is rather fun.

NBA Playgrounds is unlike the other basketball experiences that you can find on Roblox. Opting for more of an arcade theme, you’ll be playing 2v2 matches with only one hoop. Well-modelled characters that you play as each have their own abilities, so there are strengths and weaknesses for each one. There is also a card pack mechanic, which will surely be enticing for the younger audience.

Nba Playgrounds Dunking
Image via Saber Interactive

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Speaking of the younger audience, only playing on half a court and having one hoop reflects the whole ‘playground’ angle they’ve gone for. Many kids play basketball together sharing the hoop, with a more casual yet competitive atmosphere.

Considering the vast young demographic that makes up Roblox’s audience, I think that it’s rather insightful and thoughtful to make a basketball game that better reflects how lots of children play the game. Not all neighborhoods or parks have two basketball hoops, so the local children have to make do. And even if they do, sharing one hoop takes up less space and makes the game friendlier. They’re not exactly in the middle of an NBA match, are they?

Having an NBA game reflect this aspect of basketball I think is important, as it reminds aspiring kids everywhere that no matter how grass-roots their games are now, they still could have a shot at playing in the NBA.

The Roblox game itself also features leagues, so players can work their way up to the top spot through skill and teamwork. I personally have found the game rather fun, so I’d suggest you give it a try.

You can watch the trailer if you’d like more convincing.

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